… There is a place when you cut all ties, walking out on the waters of Spirit, and you prove that you are a priest of God. You wear that Sardis stone in the front row of your breastplate, and you say, “Father, thy will be done.45 I am dead to self-will. I am dead to personal desire. I am dead to seeking and striving and struggling. I am dead to passion. I am dead to sense desire. I am dead to all that which is not the Christ.” And only then, in the deadness to that which is not Christ, are we alive in Christ. Only then are we the ‘pure at heart,’46 and then the Spiritual Law of Christ functions in Its Self, which we are – without second self, without barriers, without mental interference, without the false world of the senses claiming us as an inhabitant. This is the overcoming. In this overcoming you become willing to completely forget your past – you never had one. Joel puts it in a joking fashion. He says, “For this moment let us accept that you are the only person in the world. There is no other than you.” What he means is that is the truth; there is no other. And you may do it for a moment and find that you can do it for two, or ten, or twenty moments because, ultimately, you are going to see that there is only one Infinite Self and that means there is no other Self than you in this universe. And everywhere you go you are looking at your Invisible Self coming at you.
~Herb Fitch