There have been many times when we have felt frustrated by our progress, by our lack of understanding, by seemingly insurmountable difficulties, and yet everyone of these has been important. You will never know how much they were needed until, because of these frustrations, you dig deeper and climb higher. And then discover that your normal human inertia would have prevented you from going as high as you’re going to go, if you had not had this parade of problems and frustrations. But in the moment of self anger, when you rise above your own limited human capacities, you discover a new depth of your Self. And suddenly you see: this that I couldn’t do yesterday, I can do today. But I was blind before. Now one of those revelations is the one you heard today, which is one of the most difficult to accept, and that is: there is no Life in form. There is no Life in form. You’re going to have a tough time with it, but when you meditate upon it and let the Father within explain it to you, ultimately the shallow human concept will break open, and you will understand what I cannot put into words. There is no Life in form.
~ Herb Fitch