Having been slain for the Word means that in their human-hood, they learned to align themselves with the Will of the Father, dying to personal self; that’s how they were slain. Dying to personal will. Dying to personal ambition. Dying to personal desire. Becoming one with the Will of the Father, they were slain. They entered the state of transition. They died to the false sense of self and were born of the Spirit and made their transition walking through the experience of death without being touched.

Always remember then that the killing and the slaying is a symbolic term for the dying daily to personal will, personal sense of self, a separated me who walks the earth separate and apart from a separated someone else. All of us walking apart from a God. And that sense of separation from each other and from God, only begins to stop as we learn to become one Will, one will with the Father’s perfect Will.
~ Herb Fitch