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Quantum Dimensions of Healing – eBook (Kindle) and Paperback (Print)
$3.99 Kindle, $10.45 Print. Just type in your address line and then search for Robin Starbuck. Or, search for Quantum Dimensions of Healing. DIRECT LINK: .

QUANTUM DIMENSIONS OF HEALING: You can heal yourself now (by Dr. Robin Starbuck, Ph.D.) focuses on
● Convincing the reader that healing is alive and well (Section 5).
● The fulfillment of the ‘coming’ of the Kingdom of God is all about healing (Sections 1 and 5).
● We’ve got to unload our religion- laden notions of what healing entails (Section 1).
● It is well proven that language serves as more of an enemy than a friend until we get a glimpse of how to make it work for us (Section 2).
● What we really need is to cultivate the ability to imagine much, much bigger and QUANTUM PHYSICS lends a willing assist in this regard (Sections 3 and 4).
● THE WHOLE BOOK really starts here (Section 5: “You Can Heal Yourself Now”) as everything previous is really leading up to it!
To R E I T E R A T E :
1st Part sets aside organized religion, leaving us free to learn about and follow Jesus freely; 2nd Part deals with the role of language from Jesus’ time to present and how it often confounds us. 3rd & 4th Parts delve into Quantum Physics, showing that God created it all and Jesus’ miracles are proven divinely natural. 5th Part = Final 1/2 of book is all about healing – how Jesus healed everyone effortlessly and how God has equipped us to do likewise.

This book can be summarized in one word: MORE. Every spiritual breakthrough that you have, every illumination, every glorious revelation has so much MORE to show you, to pull you into and overtake you with – if you’ll only go the distance. Renouncing organized religion, becoming increasingly aware of communication glitches, looking to quantum physics for insights into supernatural happenings – as well as the courage to expand our consciousness – gives us a whole new view on healing a body, a nation and a world.