There is a deep peace which has come for you.
Open your heart and receive it.

There is a deep joy that is arising in you.
Open your heart and embrace it.

There is a great space arising in you.
Open your being and be one with it.

There is an immense love flowering in you.
Open your heart and release it.

There is a tremendous wisdom emanating from you.
Open your heart and reveal it.

There is a great presence arising in you.
Open your heart and be one with it.

The imperishable must find a place that it loves to be.
Offer yourself and recognise you are one with it.

Have this attitude,
‘This life is for freedom. I’m chosen for freedom.’

Let your life be a door through which God may walk visibly in this world.

~ Mooji

RB: He [Herb Fitch] seems to be a fascinating writer/teacher.

There’s something else going on with him. Good (as in skillful, having great technique) writer or teacher … I don’t know … His undiluted message is so powerful that it’s life-changing. I used to quote and/or paraphrase Joel Goldsmith a lot because he was so reaffirming of the ‘healing’ track I’ve been on since childhood. It was glorious and impassioned me to spread the good news. But now Herb Fitch, Joel’s student, has gone beyond with a totally no-nonsense message. I feel that weeping right under the surface of my sensibilities and I haven’t felt quite this right since … ever!

All that I have been seeking, I am. How could I be the Child of God and be less than a perfect child? Could the Child of God have lacked anything? What was all my striving and seeking, but the belief that I was not the Child of God. And so not being the Child of God in my consciousness, I went out to secure those things which the Child of God already was born with; already has. I merely denied my inheritance. I denied my identity. I and three billion others.
~ Herb Fitch

All matter vibrates, and all motion in matter is caused by your reaction to those vibrations. Now when you look at an object, you think it has color, but it has no color whatsoever. Your reaction to its vibrations give it its color. Your reactions to its vibrations give it its length, its depth, and its width. The qualities of matter are your reaction to the vibrations of that matter and those vibrations are electrical impulses.
~ Herb Fitch

Having been slain for the Word means that in their human-hood, they learned to align themselves with the Will of the Father, dying to personal self; that’s how they were slain. Dying to personal will. Dying to personal ambition. Dying to personal desire. Becoming one with the Will of the Father, they were slain. They entered the state of transition. They died to the false sense of self and were born of the Spirit and made their transition walking through the experience of death without being touched.

Always remember then that the killing and the slaying is a symbolic term for the dying daily to personal will, personal sense of self, a separated me who walks the earth separate and apart from a separated someone else. All of us walking apart from a God. And that sense of separation from each other and from God, only begins to stop as we learn to become one Will, one will with the Father’s perfect Will.
~ Herb Fitch

Deny thy self, pick up thy cross, cross out that which is not of God and follow Me. And John is doing exactly that. His weeping is finished. He has been told no longer to undo, he has undone all the human selfhood of his past. He is now about to be made a child of the resurrection.
~ Herb Fitch

Grace does the work for you. Grace moves you. Grace thinks you. Grace activates you. Grace opens the door for you, only when you have willingly learned, devotedly, to divest yourself of the personal, the will of the human being – you have ‘denied thy self,’ ‘taken up thy cross,’ and you are following Christ within.
~ Herb Fitch

There have been many times when we have felt frustrated by our progress, by our lack of understanding, by seemingly insurmountable difficulties, and yet everyone of these has been important. You will never know how much they were needed until, because of these frustrations, you dig deeper and climb higher. And then discover that your normal human inertia would have prevented you from going as high as you’re going to go, if you had not had this parade of problems and frustrations. But in the moment of self anger, when you rise above your own limited human capacities, you discover a new depth of your Self. And suddenly you see: this that I couldn’t do yesterday, I can do today. But I was blind before. Now one of those revelations is the one you heard today, which is one of the most difficult to accept, and that is: there is no Life in form. There is no Life in form. You’re going to have a tough time with it, but when you meditate upon it and let the Father within explain it to you, ultimately the shallow human concept will break open, and you will understand what I cannot put into words. There is no Life in form.
~ Herb Fitch

… There is a place when you cut all ties, walking out on the waters of Spirit, and you prove that you are a priest of God. You wear that Sardis stone in the front row of your breastplate, and you say, “Father, thy will be done.45 I am dead to self-will. I am dead to personal desire. I am dead to seeking and striving and struggling. I am dead to passion. I am dead to sense desire. I am dead to all that which is not the Christ.” And only then, in the deadness to that which is not Christ, are we alive in Christ. Only then are we the ‘pure at heart,’46 and then the Spiritual Law of Christ functions in Its Self, which we are – without second self, without barriers, without mental interference, without the false world of the senses claiming us as an inhabitant. This is the overcoming. In this overcoming you become willing to completely forget your past – you never had one. Joel puts it in a joking fashion. He says, “For this moment let us accept that you are the only person in the world. There is no other than you.” What he means is that is the truth; there is no other. And you may do it for a moment and find that you can do it for two, or ten, or twenty moments because, ultimately, you are going to see that there is only one Infinite Self and that means there is no other Self than you in this universe. And everywhere you go you are looking at your Invisible Self coming at you.
~Herb Fitch