Why don’t you (we) choose right now to live in our spiritual imperishable body, & never look back?
What’ve we got to lose?

Little did Pilate know the purple robe which they placed on Jesus’ shoulders signified he could never die.

Instead of wondering how we can perform our human duties while focusing on our spiritual body, we must trust our Father within.

Your spiritual body always was.
Never born & never dying, it’s outside time & yet it’s here!
You can choose to live in it now. πŸ™‚

Sometimes – when person is not prepared to transcend material body – it’s actually cruel to speak absolute truths to them

“Leave mortality, follow immortality”
was Christ’s real message to the rich young man, and to the human race.

“Ultimate & deepest secret of life”-JSG

No need to look “Lo here! or Lo there”
for your spiritual body
BEHOLD your spiritual body is within you!

infinite spirituality, knowledge of ur god-given body of spirit & transformation cannot be realized

Restore the
of every single person who comes into your consciousness and you will be fulfilling will of God in u

Until we change the way we think,we will always live in the world that our thoughts and words have created !!!
Phil Sault

My formless Self and body of God are ONE.
I have never been separated from God & never can be.
Never born, One w Father.

To cling and attach to mortal presence of lack & scarcity disconnects one from spiritual presence. All is here with u
Jacobi Padua

“I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”
Christ is the identity of the entire human race.

See what it feels like to have no past.
Christ teaches it’s but a human dream.

Christ doesn’t belong in our past or future
He that seeth Me seeth Him sent Me!
Only IN Christ! #RADICAL

“Woe is me. I’m such a special, intelligent, accomplished, wonderful person. How can I give it all up for Christ?”

When your spirituality cannot be “labeled”..and you no longer have a need to label others..
You have something in common with God.
Kathleen DesVoigne

Lean not on thine own understanding!
The only error is hypnotism!
Leaning on God, hypnotism is broken. #AWAKEN

The Incorporeality of Jesus Christ was not known to the disciples
– nor most of us!
And yet we also have such an amazing body NOW.

🌿 Practice Your Incorporeality.
πŸ•Š Stop Contributing To Human Delusions.
πŸ’šTrue for everyone! #ThisCanHealYou

Right where the corporeal Jesus seemed to be, incorporeal Christ was instead.
True also of yourself.
You can #AWAKEN

Spirit saith “You have paid the price. You have sought your own incorporeality & now ur own Incorporeality is ur key to paradise.”

Use your
K – E – Y
of incorporeality wisely. Never assume it can turn the lock by itself.
It needs ur active conscious cooperation

Jesus constantly took nourishment from ( = prayed to) his incorporeal Self – especially before performing a #miracle

am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me
John 14:6 #RADICAL

“Only when I die can I inherit my divinity”
“I am the Vine. You (your true incorporeal being) are the branches.”

Transformation is a product of what we experience,
not what we know intellectually
πŸ’₯ just say’n
Cynthia Stebbins

for the gift of life –
YOUR Life –
(the only LIFE that there is) ! #CONSCIOUSNESS

Awakened from the dream of matter, Daniel could walk freely in the lion’s den.
In his Christ-mind, he realized there was only God.

When you overcome the belief in the tyranny of matter, you find yourself face-to-face with God, Spirit.

is as powerful as giving treatments:
I Am pure Spirit, incorporeal Life, invisible Self,etc

Are you letting world mind run the show for you?
In its mad but blind ambition it tells you when to be sick, happy, fearful, die.

Whereas the human mind sees temporary life-spans, Christ sees eternal life, united as ONE Self.
We can see this now.

May your Awakening not fade and become a nostalgic experience for you, but be established in your Heart for All Time. <3 Kathleen DesVoigne / Mooji The bottom line of the Bible I think is rebirth: rebirth from all that claims to be u but never really was #ChristInUsNow #RADICAL Prayed a lot AND had a medical healing? This is time to joyfully reassert every spiritual Truth you've ever uttered. #NODUALISM When God Puts Voices of Wisdom & Experience in your Life For the Love of God Pay Attention & Listen to Their Counsel! Michael Fram Are you seeing bad mortal life? Or, good mortal life? If and when you see NO MORTAL LIFE, all that's left to see IS GOD !!! People keep wondering what I'm so happy about... WASSUP WITH THAT ? Dunno what to tell 'em. :p "Oh not much ...just Jesus ...!!" Even JESUS never used POWER OF GOD for selfish human purposes. He fed the multitude to show God's omnipresence INSTEAD OF hunger We're not carnal mind form we thought we were. GRADUATION DAY has come. Dream dissolves. The infinite body of God is yours! \0/ No mortal being on earth will ever have consciousness of God. Keep ascending! You are One Self. Live in infinite newness of life. We must practice our immortality frequently. 100% of God is everywhere! In face of terrorism, be fully God-conscious. #DEHYPNOTIZE Don't wait for Paradise: live in it here and now consciously by living in #ChristInUsNow #AWAKEN

23rd Psalm = initiation into Soul-body

We are Spirit, thinking ourselves to be matter, a mere parenthesis in eternity. The little pokes (pain) from the rod remind us we’ve strayed from the ONE SELF. In the Soul you are alive forever – the Tree of Life. In the mind, we are the Tree of Good&Evil. The Table prepared for me in the midst of my enemies is eternal life. Reality (God) is: we’re in the Place prepared for us NOW !!
<●> The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
[2] He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
[3] he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.
[4] Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
[5] You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
[6] Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23:1-6 NIV

When you succeed in turning entirely
to Spirit, God, for healing
it’s a really, really good idea
to lose all interest in the problem –
so much so that the way is
completely clear for Spirit to take over.
Let your new focus consume you –
the old you – and be the infinite Self
that you really are: your eternal body,
or Soul, which you can step into at will.
We are ONE body, One Son, right now.

Click = I Got it!

C – L – I – C – K = I Got It !!!
You shouldn’t mention symptoms of illness if you want to see them healed!
W – E – L – L – N – E – S – S INSTEAD !!!
God can’t have cancer, so how can you?
God isn’t blind, deaf, mute, so how can you be?
C – L – I – C – K = I Got It !!!
God is absolutely everywhere, so the flu, aids, tuberculosis, etc. are nowhere!
Do you want people to believe you are sick?
Or, well?
Ask them to believe the Truth with you
Our ask them nothing at all.
C – L – I – C – K = I Got It !!!

Sickness unreal – T.H.

I believe all forms of sickness are a result of faulty thinking and not understanding our true identity. All sickness is dreamed up mem’s minds. I have witnessed this all my life. Men take a false symtem and use it to create a disease that was nonexistent before! Then they try to find a cure for the fake disease they have created!
~Tim Heart


● We divvy up our cakes, our time, our belongings.
DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS gives ALL of itself & still has ALL of itself left!

● Little by little
we discover the images that float
by in our minds are becoming less and less real to us & our real immortal Self.

● You are the only begotten Son.
I, the individuality of the Father, have always been.
We are above world consciousness.

● We are the ones who
We step in & see yesterday & tomorrow.
Step out & it becomes eternity again.

● There is no dead past. No past at all.
There’s only a living NOW
We can reclaim our full being. Yesterday never died.

● S-T-R-E-T-C-H
your infinity in every conceivable direction!
See qualities in yourself you’d like to have: u can love more & better

● The more you
express infinity, the more it flows through u.
Instead of being pool of love be a river!
Slide behind ur thoughts…

● I always thought letting go of the past meant blotting out everything!
It means living your FULL eternity now!

At first you’ll feel awkward there. Then you’ll love it!
U can laugh at your own intruding thoughts!

● .
You certainly know by now that you live in eternity, RIGHT?
Now get in there & s-t-r-e-t-c-h it!
See perfection er’ry direction

● You must not let yourself rest in mortal stagnation.
You are the only Son of your immortal Father, God, I-SPIRIT.

The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion
– Einstein

● When flow of grace is not operating in your life, it simply 🌿 means
πŸ•Š you’re
πŸ’š not operating from the VINE.

● Man seeks God desperately to find easiest way to eliminate a problem, but God doesn’t work that way.
God is – instead of all else.

● Why, oh why, is it sooooo hard to see that the need is to know I-Spirit as one’s actual being
fixing the mortal dream?

● If I were hungering to know ONE, SELF, God, I, Spirit, Soul, I Am,
I wd do precious little else than read or listen 24/7.

● When your consciousness is completely united to ONE Consciousness u have been ONE-ed (Oned).
Can u live in Divine Consciousness?

● You are not a body.
You are not in a body.
#AWAKEN #ThisCanHealYou

● Come unto Me – I will give you rest. I will lead u out of a false mortal sense of life.
I will show u a Self that never knows pain

● While you’re seeing through the bad stuff in the world, know also that God never created seemingly good stuff of the world either.

● Love not this world. My kingdom is not of this world.
Live outside time invisibly.
At first it feels like u have 2 lives.

● Let your immortal Self have its way through you!
You need this permanent foundation … and it’s really cool!

● A silly question .. What if you’re being ‘forced’ to cool your heels – even for a long time – as you learn the real nature of God?

● The mortal sense of Self dies. You’re still here but u r reborn into your immortal Self.
Jesus came here to train us.

● When we make a transition, we’ll be ready for life outside time, having worked out the kinks along the way.

● The life of drowning boy .. is my life ..
The life of woman in pain is my life … & can feel no pain

● I, Robin, am not here.
I, the invisible life of God, am here and everywhere.
My eternal life lives in eternal NOW.

● Why did Jesus send the gold (or silver) coin to a fish? Why not a giraffe? :p Because a
<\\\>< represents ur full aware open mind ● Birth and death are the same thing in time, with a parenthesis in between them πŸ€” But whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever ☺️ ● The BELIEF of sickness firmly planted in the mind is what needs to go, but THE HUMAN MIND HAS NO POWER TO HEAL AT ALL ● People are always trying to put God in a box. WASSUP WITH THAT??? God is the Box!!! :P #DEHYPNOTIZE :D ● THERE IS NOTHING in the fullness of the spiritual realm that is not intended for you to experience Or would you rather have flesh? ● You say "I'VE GOT A PROBLEM" Ur really saying "God is not alive!" How can God AND problem coexist? Believe one = cancel other ● Pilate, Storm, Leper, World mind ( =satan) you have no power over Me - I'm not operating from a physical body. #CHRISTINUSNOW ● Paul discovered he never had a physical body & neither do you. We have only a perfect, eternal spiritual body. #THETRUTHTHATHEALS ● "The body of God is the body of man" MEANS WHAT ?? The body of Spirit IS YOUR BODY !! #ThisCanHealYou ● You could spend the rest of your life trying to get your human body under Divine Law, but to no avail. :'( #DEHYPNOTIZE ● WHO IS INCOMPLETE ? The individual who is not living in their eternal spiritual body. #AWAKEN ● Mankind isn't prepared for transition from tyranny of matter-based consciousness to Spirit-based Consciousness of perfect BE-ing. ● ● Your identity is Spirit ● Spirit doesn't live in a human body ● Live in ur spiritual body by not rejecting ur spiritual identity ● THIS IS SO EXCITING I CAN HARDLY STAND IT !! I can step out of human body at will & see clearly that #ThisChangesEverything ● Man doesn't live in the spiritual body that God gave him :'( He prefers th flesh body of pain, fear, doubt, disease, death #AWAKEN

Don’t brow-beat yourself into believing

Sometimes people read these tracks and are greatly blessed by them. For that reason only, I want to clarify that the cold, insensitive word “Belief” is EXACTLY what I DON’T MEAN !!! Beating up on oneself to “believe” is worse than an exercise in futility!!! Beautiful healing truths, i.e., the Presence of God CAN BE MAINTAINED by letting all the thinking go. I-Spirit = I (YourName) and it also signifies God, Spirit. You can claim full authority with a happy laugh and be on your way with no brow-beating whatsoever! πŸ™‚

Perfect Love casts out fear, terror, fright, fearfulness, horror, alarm, panic, agitation, trepidation, dread, consternation, dismay, distress, anxiety, worry, angst, unease, uneasiness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, nervousness, nerves, perturbation, foreboding, the creeps, the shivers, the willies, the heebie-jeebies, jitteriness, twitchiness, butterflies in the stomach……
~Jim Muffo

Rjs intro to Herb Fitch

I have found Herb Fitch to be one of the most inspiring and spiritually illuminating teachers ever on the subject of personal transformation. He studied under Joel S. Goldsmith, and in my opinion, courageously took Joel’s message all the way to its inevitable conclusion.