Five cats healed*

Some years ago I received a frantic call from my brother telling me that all 5 of his cats were deathly ill and had been sick for several days. He was choking back tears because he said there were signs that death was imminent such as their staying in their litter boxes. He had to leave for work shortly, but would I look in on the cats? Of course I said I would and after calming myself down enough to pray, I went down to his apartment (same building as mine) to visit the kitties. I went from one cat to the next and found that my brother was NOT exaggerating. I laid hands on them – one by one, addressed them by name and told them in no uncertain terms that God had created them perfect and that matter had no power over them – or something like that. Finally, I left to go about my own business, knowing that the little darlings were in God’s hands. In the evening, my brother called to tell me that I had “left (my) mark” I asked if I had left my jacket there. He said, “You left your mark on every one of the cats’ faces. They are completely healed.” I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t believe it and had to run down and check them myself. …Every …single …cat …was …completely …healed!!!!