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Heal yourself now!

I don’t put too much stock in turning my issue(s) over to another person to pray over. Instead, I believe that I need to be willing to take an active part in bringing about my much-needed awakening.

I am, however, extremely thankful to know (from many years’ experience) that there’s a great deal I can do to rouse myself from my own self-inflicted stupor!

Far too many arguments fly around that damn and criticize other people’s prayer methodologies when a much more effective and efficient stance to assume is “hey, whatever works!” The bottom line is that the patient (yourself, for example) needs to be awakened.

Awakened to the antipode of what he has been clinging to! God is right here. Now. Instead of the pain, poverty, disability. I know you think you can’t see that now, but you can. Flood your precious God-given mind with images of Him and His love. Do not … do not … DO NOT … give that other thing (the devil) any space whatsoever.

When I said “flood your mind with…” I should have said “Open your mind to God alone and let HIM flood it for you!” He loves to do that because, as you know, He IS Love and He loves you. [Oh, and BTW, I love you, too!]

And, because it’s true that our bodies are divinely designed to heal themselves, we can feel very much encouraged to pray accordingly – and expect great results – even if we’ve been confined to a wheelchair for 20+ years, have the flu, cancer, aids, poverty, etc., there is healing in God.

We need to be aware that this healing power is within us. I wrote the above with some people in mind who need help and don’t realize that – even the very help they’re looking for is within them. Let’s understand that, while there is nothing we can or should do to get God’s attention and beg for favor, there is a great deal that we can and should do to align our own thinking with the Mind of God.

I need Thee and I have Thee
I need Thee and I have Thee

Paul: A model for us all

……………. P .. A .. U .. L …………….
RStarbuck, November 30, 2012

…..What an amazing human being! Brought up under the Old Covenant – the Mosaic Law – he pursued what he felt needed to be done, the extermination of the enemy, i.e., Christians. Can any of us imagine how he felt upon meeting Jesus in person – years after the Lord’s resurrection from the grave? If it had been me, I don’t know but I think I might have fainted dead away! A lot of good I would have been, right? Dead as a doornail! But I digress.

…..Jesus asked Paul why he was persecuting Him. You see, persecuting Christ’s followers was tantamount to persecuting Him. Paul suddenly found himself completely blind and needed to be guided back into the town where he miraculously got his sight back. Here’s where this story begins:

…..Paul was so profoundly smitten by his encounter with the Lord that it sustained him through unrelenting attacks on his person. Everywhere he went, Paul and his accomplices were severely beaten and/or stoned to within an inch of their lives and then imprisoned – all as a deterrent to their spreading Christianity.

…..What is most astonishing is the sheer joy Paul found in doing the Lord’s bidding without question. If Jesus had said “Jump!”, Paul would have said “How high?” He did everything at a level of ebullience that must have caused onlookers to conclude that he was insane. He was insanely in love with his Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Oh, how I long to have that degree of trust. Nothing else mattered to Paul: he was so humbled by being chosen to carry out his purpose in God’s plan.

…..The trials and tribulations that Paul faced daily were but “a light affliction” to him. Just one of the abuses he endured would have been a major Deal Breaker for me, but Paul goes around singing hymns and praising God.

…..This brings me to the real part of this story that I was hoping to impress you with: I’m really reluctant to tell you what it is because you are Bound To misconstrue it and miss a hugely important fact of Christianity. I ‘GET’ Paul. There, I said it. I get him. Flogged, beaten, stoned were of no event to him. He didn’t even have to pray that the stones might be softer in the next town that he was going to. After all, Stephen, the very first martyr, had had the distinct honor of seeing Jesus standing in front of him as he was being stoned to death. Paul would have changed places with Stephen in a heartbeat to die and be with God, but was quite content to stick with his divine assignment. And now we all have the Apostle Paul to thank for the better part of the New Testament.

Paul was forever filled with love.
Paul was forever filled with love.

Can we, like Max Planck, challenge the autonomous claims of matter, and heal ourselves?


“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you this much as a result of my research about atoms: There is no matter as such.

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
Max Planck, 1944
Nobel Peace Prize winner
Florence, Italy (speech)
“The Nature of Matter”

Imagine what this means to you and me, wanting to order our bodies to heal, but fearing that we may not have enough influence in the realm of the supernatural!

There is No Matter!
There is No Matter!

Sin problem vs. Son problem

For a SIN problem, you wanna get it analyzed, poke and probe it and make it as -b-i-g- as you can so that you can start condemning it and calling it names!! :p Now you’re ready to get started with that awful sacrificial white-knuckle deprivation. :'( For a SON problem, you turn to Jesus and the sin’s gone! 😀

Sin problem or Son problem?
Sin problem or Son problem?

Extra-dimensionality answers earthbound problems

Extra-dimensionality answers earthbound problems

Extra-Dimensional solutions
Extra-Dimensional solutions

“Why does she concern herself so much with the origin and underpinnings of the UNI-VERSE?” you may rightfully ask.

In fact, I care very deeply about the rift that has emerged – and is spreading – between different Christian factions. If all Christians would look up – way, way up – they’d dis-cover that eternal, immortal, omnipotent God has the absolutely perfect spiritual answer to every possible question, and infinitely more.

God is, after all, entirely spiritual, perfect and eternal. Issues being debated, on the other hand, aren’t. As a matter of fact, anything less than eternal is as fleeting as a gossamer web.

Redemption is one example of an attribute of the eternal: it cannot be messed with by our multifarious reinterpretations. Given freely to mankind by God, setting up a new covenant, redemption simply is. Salvation can be argued about til the cows come home, but nothing we might do or conclude can contribute one jot or one tittle in the infinite scheme of things.

Jesus acted in a dimension beyond our meager comprehension when he calmed the storm, fed the multitudes, transported himself through locked doors and healed untold millions. Thank God he could and did!

God’s love for us supercedes any victory that may be gleaned by quarreling over scriptures. We treat other ‘Christians’ like pariah because they’re following a different track (albeit temporarily) than ours. But God, in his multi-dimensional existence can smooth everything out in the blink of an eye. We just need to lift our sights high enough.

Change your “want to’s”

Have you ever wished that you could “want” differently? Give that wish to God and He, in turn, will give you a thing called “answered prayer”!

Imagine this scenario, if you will: A man says within his heart “I’d give a million bucks to be free of alcoholism! Another day, this same genius says “I wish to God I had a million dollars!”

God, not being a respecter of persons nor a judgmental being, healed his alcoholism.

Would we have the same presence of Mind to say, in deep humility and gratitude, “Thank you, God, for answering (fulfilling) BOTH my prayers?

Ever wish you could 'want' differently?
Ever wish you could ‘want’ differently?

Vibrating STRINGS of Energy

Physicists and mathematicians alike have tried in vain to avoid the inevitable – staring into the face of the Creator of the entire universe and beyond, way beyond!

In most cases it’s quite the challenge for scientists to accept that Scriptures have explained the phenomenon of the universe having been brought into existence – out of nothing. Hebrews 11:3 KJV declares: “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” Said mathematicians and physicists now confidently assert that our everything is held together by and placed into existence as vibrating (“M”- shaped) STRINGS of energy – and all by the command of our Daddy (God) who ordered it so.

God said, ‘Let there be light and there was light!’ Light, the very essence and be-ing of the Almighty translates for our comprehension into matter.

FB_IMG_1445956370950 Vibrating strings of energy

Stay in the Spirit longer

30 seconds? 2 minutes? 1 hour? This is a habit that can be improved upon!

Psalm 139:7 KJV
Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?

BUT … BUT … BUT … IT TAKES  RIGOROUS  EFFORT  ON  OUR  PART.  The “devil” will certainly want to thwart this achievement. He will want to, like the dickens!! But, that’s too darned bad — for him!! With plenty of exercise and SON-shine in your thinking, you could be spending   ALL  YOUR  TIME  WITH  THE  LORD.

God loves you!
God loves you!

“Emergency Mode” for Powerful PRAYER results

Emergency Mode has a very unusual ring for me: it means to regroup and refocus, putting absolutely everything on track for God. That’s when God is able to answer your most urgent prayer(s).

I wish nothing for you – for your whole life – but great success, excellent health, wonderful friends, etc. I honestly do. But probably if you have all these things you won’t want to continue reading. On the other hand, if you need help, if you Really NEED help, you’re much more likely to open the receptors within that will ALLOW for the possibility that God is alive and well and living right there on the inside of you! How exciting is that!

The unfortunate answer is that it’s usually not exciting at all until prompted by a dire predicament. So, let’s take a moment to thank God for this call on our lives and find out what He really has in store.

When your back is to the wall you are potentially in a very GOOD place and you merely need to cash in on your position. Tell God you’ve had it up to -here- with fiddling around (I’m being polite) with the devil [NEGATIVE, PUNISHING, TREACHEROUS AND DECEPTIVE -T-H-O-U-G-H-T-S- THAT SEEK TO DESTROY]

In the name of Jesus Christ, satan (OUR OWN AFOREMENTIONED NEGATIVE THOUGHTS) may as well go back into the abyss because he’ll only receive the mockery he deserves here. Ask God what He’d like to use you for. I guarantee the rewards will be far greater than you can possibly imagine.

When Full Power is Needed
When Full Power is Needed

Different strokes for different folks!

Gradual Growth in Prayer
Gradual Growth in Prayer

November 18, 2014
LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: in your walk with Jesus, in your study of the word, did you or did you not glean understanding little by little, step by step, here a little there a little? And did you not find many corrections along the way where God was finally able to deal with you on a higher level because you had finally completed the levels leading up to it?

Do you know that it is human nature to forget the levels leading up to your present attainment and just expect everyone to measure up to your new level, forgetting that other people have been learning differently than you and not necessarily in an inferior way?

They have been learning similar lessons from a whole different vantage point and for all we know they could be way ahead of you! When you get a great and golden new insight do you ever think just how naive you were about 10 seconds ago? And when you’re busy with self congratulation did it ever occur to you that the other person may be sailing right past you at the very moment?

You thought you had everything all figured out and suddenly you realize that something no longer makes sense. This would be a very good time for you to remember that you are dealing with the realm of the spiritual and we are all mere mortals trying to comprehend the incomprehensible!

Start with what's already done!
Start with what’s already done!