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Keep your healing


I’ve had people say to me, “Brother
Hagin, when you laid hands on me, I felt the power go through me just like electricity. It went all over me. For days I was perfectly all right, but now every symptom has come back on me, and I’m worse than I ever was. Can you help me? “Thank God, I can. Thank God, I can,”I tell them. “You see, you were healed on somebody else’s faith, or by a manifestation of the Spirit of God. You didn’t have any foundation of the Word of God in you to help you keep your healing. “You were like the man who built his house on the sand. The storm came and destroyed it. The symptoms came—the devil bluffed you with symptoms—you accepted them, and he put the sickness back on you.”I tell people, “The thing you must do is get to know the Lord through His Word.”
Kenneth E. Hagin
How to Keep Your Healing