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Spiritual universe of God, awareness

Paul concedes “I do not claim to have attained [all Truth]” We also can accept many things on faith, i.e., there’s neither a physical body nor a physical universe. Esoteric? Other-worldly? Incomprehensible? Not if you use a top-down approach and start with the answer. God is infinite and so is His entire creation, including you!
In spite of all that seems to be, we live in the spiritual universe of God with Christ as our consciousness.

Source => deathless

Mankind wrongly assumes that they were born and will die, but assuming doesn’t make it so. They extrapolate that awareness as well begins and ends with the accident of birth and death. Extrapolating doesn’t make it more so!

Can you experience unawareness? Then you can’t prove life began in the womb and dies in the grave: it doesn’t. To say it as briefly as mortal language affords: The Source of consciousness doesn’t need a body to exist. Your source exists whether your body does or not: you are deathless.

Prove consciousness is not finite

If you say awareness is finite
Try this experiment:
Take your finite awareness
Down deeper and deeper still
Until it arrives at its source
Of pure consciousness
It will reveal to you that
Awareness can never leave
Its infinite source – GOD

Wants to explore its seeming finiteness
Exploring and exploring
Until one day it realizes
“I was never finite at all.
I am as infinite as God!”
It must necessarily conclude
There is no finite consciousness.

If you believe consciousness
Can be temporary
Take your own belief
To its logical conclusion
Down a path of inquiry
Farther and farther down
Til there’s nothing left
Nothing whatsoever, but God.

With which you believe
You are a finite awareness.
Question every single belief you have.
Does anything prove that Awareness
Is limited to time and space?
Go deeper into it to its very beginning,
Its Source is infinitely aware God.

THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE FOR WORLD PEACE is recognizing the essence of ourselves as
(1) the source of personal happiness and peace within ourselves and
(2) resolution of conflicts between ourselves, individual nations and the world.

World leader enemies’ hate and love

Two mortal enemies face to face glaring at each other with vitriol and hate.
Their thoughts fly out of control as they sport a plastic smile and feign affection.
A successfully carried out missile attack upon the other would titillate either more.
And yet, at their innermost core they’re in love with each other.
It’s in there. Simultaneously. As they stare, looking for the other’s undoing. Exists the greatest tenderness and heartfelt loving-kindness ready to explode!
But they’re both grossly unaware.

These enemies hold the safety of the world in their grasp.
The professors, philosophers, psychologists and soothsayers on both sides study and advise, advise and study.
But alas it never occurs to anyone to look within.
Not merely to the outer reaches of their hearts
But deep enough to approach the place where awareness resides.

You think you know what awareness entails, but you don’t.
It’s not another mentalism, with a nod from a sleepy heart.
It’s that space between two side-by-side thoughts,
The world leader at his most private, intimate knowing
Not the thoughts he thinks he holds but the holder himself
Conscious of who or what it is that is thinking his thoughts.

Everyone yearns for one thing only … in a word … happiness.
Enemy A wants it and Enemy B does as well.
But they’re both going in the wrong direction to find it.
They reach out, out and farther out to no avail, not knowing
They’re madly in love with each other without the slightest inkling
In the SO-CALLED here and now!

Is there something you should do?

Is there something you should be doing or should have already done and you just can’t seem to get to it? You’ve tried everything: pushing yourself, guilting yourself, cajoling yourself?
Oh, I don’t know what it is but it certainly seems like it should have been done long ago. Thoughts like that only make it worse right? It could even be mental you know some study or prayer or connecting or surrendering, whatever!
Well the other morning I said to Jesus, “Could you please put on my heart and in my mind and body a strong desire to do this task. Thank you very much.” Then I went on my merry way and forgot about it and within a few hours the entire huge task was done!