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Don’t let your present ‘knowledge’ deprive you of greater learning.

There is an urgent need in “Christianity” to look for, seek out and find the good in our fellow believers’ teaching – EVEN WHEN WE DISAGREE with some significant doctrinal point. Of course we must exercise the greatest due diligence with our discernment.

My own spiritual climb has received a huge impetus of late from Kathryn Kuhlman and yet I do not subscribe to the doctrine of Dispensationalism – not at all. Kathryn Kuhlman has a singular message – and once one gets it, he can go home, so to speak. It’s simply this: want nothing … absolutely nothing … but the Holy Spirit. That’s all. When I watch her videos, my whole be-ing begins again to breathe freely and so much junk from the past becomes nothing more than a sweet memory of what I’ve overcome.

What do you have in life that is more important than the Holy Spirit? Whatever it is, that is your worst enemy – your only enemy, really. You must crave (my word) the Spirit of God: it’s Jesus living in you, the hope of glory. But I sense that very few people are actually experiencing His overwhelming presence in an exciting and palpable way.

We can – and must – assimilate all newly-gleaned knowledge gently enough to allow ourselves to keep our beautiful, flexible minds open … open, that is, to the Holy Spirit. We are big enough now (mature enough) to learn from other believers, even if they are awaiting a rapture and we believe it’s come and gone!

We’ve got to NOT get cocky and think that we have all the answers; ask our precious Abba (Daddy) to guide us in every thought and tell Him to take anything from us but, please “Take not Your Holy Spirit from me.”

Don't let your knowledge block your learning!
Don’t let your knowledge block your learning!

“All I have is the Holy Spirit.” kathryn kuhlman

She has her own personal style, but Kathryn Kuhlman has basically a single message for the world: Die to the world and crave nothing but the Holy Spirit and you’ll receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and your life will be wonderful. I can’t imagine emulating Kuhlman’s flair, but sure would love to be equally imbued with her absolute, unwavering spirit.

"Die to the world!  Die!" Kathryn Kuhlman
“Die to the world! Die!”
Kathryn Kuhlman

Astrophysics and quantum physics attest to God as Creator

ASTROPHYSICS AND QUANTUM PHYSICS ATTEST TO GOD AS CREATOR. Extra-dimensionality which goes beyond height, width, length and time is borne out by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and then extended into quantum mechanics’ scalar fields and big bang models. Owing to the fact that space-time theorems abound we can deduce that time and space had a beginning and therefore extrapolate the undeniable fact that both time and space are created entities.

Dr. Hugh Ross, Ph.D., tells us in his ground-breaking book, Beyond the Cosmos: WHAT  RECENT DISCOVERIES  IN ASTROPHYSICS REVEAL ABOUT  THE  GLORY  AND  LOVE  OF  GOD:

“The limits on our abilities to know truth and visualize truth merely remind us that we are the creatures, not the Creator. But the limits do not stop us from seeking to gain a clearer picture of who He is through studying both His inspired Word and His creative work. Each will reveal His glory in its own way. Even if the windows through which we gaze on His realm have a few ripples and dark spots in them, we will be awed at the majestic beauty we see. He has left the curtains open. He invites us to look in.”

Astrophysics and quantum physics attest to God as Creator
Astrophysics and quantum physics attest to God as Creator

The day that love was born

IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE !! (God has a far greater plan for you!)
Steve Furtick

Don’t you dare put a period where God put a comma!!
Steve Furtick

Avail yourself of a COMPLETE paradigm shift.
TheRobin (that’s me, hehehe)

Put off the old You and put on the new – fully.
2 Cor 5:17

Imagine wanting to help a fish to save its life, but it doesn’t understand, and panics. The only way you could communicate with the fish and explain how things really are is to become a fish! Remind you of anybody?

The day that  LOVE  was born
The day that LOVE was born

Put on New Man = Paradigm shift

Gradual Growth VS.”Old man” gone, “New man” here
The latter could be called a paradigm shift in the lexicon of quantum mechanics, meaning that there’s no step-by-step progression in our putting on the new man. [2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.]

In a human being’s laudable efforts to live a godly life on earth, a blueprint is most welcome while in his deepest yearnings to know more of the God who gave him breath while holding the universe together, a major expansion of consciousness is the order of the day.

The Bible doesn’t tell us that we should do a comprehensive research on how to set up a program of the daily progress and maintenance of putting on the new man after weeding out the old; it simply says “Do it!” or, better yet, “It’s done!” Jesus didn’t say “Avert your eyes while I slip into my superman outfit!” He simply did a paradigm shift and was transported through walls, translated the disciples to the other side of the lake, turned water into wine, a couple of small fish into a substantial spread for multitudes, healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons instantly, instantly, instantly!

In each of the above cited cases, Jesus shifted paradigms (in modern parlance) and the deed was done without our watching the medicine seep in or the disease take its course. God functions in the supernatural: to wit, He is at once everywhere and needs no preparation on our part to reach us with His blessings.

Perhaps the entire mortal construct of gradual, painstakingly earned progress has seen its heyday! A courageous abrupt upheaval of the Old Man, the Old Covenant, the Old kingdom is indicated – to usher in the New!

Paradigm shift
Paradigm shift

Healing can be immediate and permanent

When you pray for something, how long is it before you check to see if God has granted your supplication? A few seconds? Minutes? Days? And, when you don’t see, at the very least, a sign, do you begin to waver … until you finally reinforce your weary prayer? Then with white-knuckled determination you fight off the nagging doubts, one by one, and the evil suggestions, one by one, read your Scriptures, meditate, but oh the doubt, fear, disbelief . . .

Next day you try again, right? ‘Try again’ implies that you’ve previously failed. Then you remember that it’s not about you: it’s about Jesus, so a little guilt slips in uninvited. You need to get your-self out of the way. Another huge burden, oh dear! You struggle and strive to let go. In your oxymoronic stress you’re about ready to quit. You’ve been told that that’s exactly what God wants you to do: let go and let God. But that’s what you’ve been trying to do for sooo long . . .

I agree that you don’t need to DO anything – that’s God’s domain. But you could … on purpose … actively … QUIT … the negative, self-defeating things that you are doing. That’s right, they’re listed above!

If you had managed to get rid of 10% of your doubts, that’s not very good odds! You’re admitting to 90% doubt. Seriously, don’t you think you’d need at least 51% solid belief? This is NOT intended to be amusing: there’s a very urgent message here. WHEN YOU ENTERTAIN MORE UNBELIEF THAN FULL-OUT CONFIDENT BELIEF, how in the world can you expect better results?

Now try this. SEE yourself completely healed. See yourself entirely whole, happy, free! What does this happiness look like? What does it feeeeel like? What does it smell like? NOT A SINGLE negative thought allowed: the aim is nothing less than 100%. My eyes well up with tears when I think of all the people who mix terrible moments of doubt right in with their otherwise receptive prayers.

What does total healing feel like to you? What are you doing now that you’re healed? Where are you going? Go farther. What are you thinking? Think deeper. What is God telling you right now? (Sometimes He’ll tell you stuff that’s so incredibly wonderful and personal that you don’t dare tell a single mortal man!) What does He call you? Sweetheart? Do you feeeeel His POWER in you? Don’t you dare say “No!!” You’re on the King’s Highway now, and all the lights are green.

You can be free!
You can be free!

Bridging the gap

WHAT’S WRONG if anything WITH “NEW AGE” and/or QUANTUM PHYSICS claims?

Said simply, New Age uses God without ascribing to Him the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence that are exclusively His. They tell me that I am God, that I have limitless spiritual power and that I can create my own reality. This ALMOST makes me feel good – until I remember, not some yukky religious mantras, but the fact that I have Jesus in all His glory … I have Him living on the inside of me as the Holy Spirit … forever and forever.

I know Jesus lives within me, not just because of some blind (religious) faith, but because God says so in His Word. Remember that? – the Bible, which spells out how it is and why it is that there is a unique position for the Creator of the universe, who is not me! But, omigoodness, I do have the full raising-from-the-dead power alive and well living on the inside of me [smiley-face] And that’s a helluva lot of power!

With THIS attitude in mind, I take a look at quantum mechanics – a very l-o-o-o-o-ng look and I can finally say I find IT lacking nothing! People want to grab parts and particles of this amazing phenomenon which has now – finally – reached revelatory status … they want to twist the findings to suit their own mishmash of a mixture of pure physics (which, in its unadulterated state, is as pure as mathematics) and that just plain doesn’t ‘work’.

Dear God, please tell me what else You want me to tell Our readers ‘cuz I haven’t a clue …. Oh, yes! Okay, just elaborate the point We’re making. Okay.

I hope I didn’t just lose anyone or offend anyone by using the pronoun “we” when referring to God and His scribe (in this case, me): I was blessed with this relationship with God before I was yet 5 years old. I (alone) have had a very hard life but We (Him & me) have been having one long, glorious adventure.

Back to the quanta! What an enormous blessing there is for all who love Jesus, to explore. The world of subatomic particles and waves and strings and holograms and entanglements and quarks and music and math – – they all exist here and now. But the amazing thing is that they all actively sing praises to their Creator – our Creator – just exactly like we do! Amen.

The Bridge is Compassion
The Bridge is Compassion

New Age vs. Quantum Physics

I’d like to clarify here that neither supernatural healing nor individual applications of quantum theory are the domain of the New Age movement. Jonathan Welton shares his experience with the former:

“I also began to research the New Age movement. I found it fascinating that people without religion were operating in the supernatural. Through my research, I discovered the movement had its beginnings inside Christianity, and only over time did it grow apart. This pattern has repeated itself often; a very high percentage of those in the New Age grew up in Christian families and later left. Their reason for leaving is one that none of us want to hear. Inside the Church, they felt rejected and uncomfortable being supernatural individuals. Thus, both individual New Agers, as well as the whole history of the movement, started within Christianity and developed out and away from it because the supernatural was unwelcome at church. This is not just a random coincidence. The fact that the six major founders of what has morphed into the modern New Age movement essentially had Christian roots is a sign of something significant.”
Jonathan Welton
New Age Masquerade

It is my (rjs) hope to help bring much-needed separation and clarification to somewhat muddied waters where a system and a religion and a science all tend to get intermingled and ultimately terribly confused.

New Age vs. Quantum Physics
New Age vs. Quantum Physics

You’re a brand new creature!

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. … Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new…. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. … Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Cor 5:17 kjv)

All things  =  ALL  things!     =  A  NEW  creature!
All things = ALL things!
= A NEW creature!

The Divine Matrix = God

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, research has revealed the following facts:
Fact 1: The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy that was scientifically recognized in the 20th century and is now identified by names that include the field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, nature’s mind, and the Divine Matrix.
Fact 2: In the field of the Divine Matrix, “things” that have been connected physically and then separated act as if they are still linked, through a phenomenon known as entanglement.
Fact 3: Human DNA directly influences what happens in the Divine Matrix in a way that appears to defy the laws of time and space.
Fact 4: Human belief (and the feelings and emotions surrounding it) directly changes the DNA that affects what occurs in the Divine Matrix.
Fact 5: When we shift our beliefs about our bodies and our world, the Divine Matrix translates that change into the reality of our lives.

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief
Shattering the paradigm of false limits
Gregg Braden

Shattering the paradigm of false limits
Shattering the paradigm of false limits