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A Treatment of true Self

A treatment
There is a higher level of consciousness that I can attain if I really, really want to. It’s not about my doing the right thing no matter how good the right thing is that I’m doing. I know there is a place where I am completely free of mortal selfhood and in full recognition of Spirit as my true Self. I accept no other right now. I had been harboring some less-than-loving thoughts about people in my past but the buck has STOPPED !! . I AM is absolutely everywhere and that includes me. And them. And you. THERE IS JUST SIMPLY NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT IN LIFE than Life itself, which is God. I’m willing to pay the price and dump all my long-cherished so-called memories by seeing everybody and everything as my Christ-mind sees them. It is pure undiluted wonder, love, happiness WITHOUT PENALTY – PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE !! . Being able to read the Bible from God’s point of view has me nearly in tears of gratitude! Understanding apocalyptic language and receiving God’s personal message – TO ME – is beyond description! I know that there’s no God “out there” or “up there” to appeal to, so I say welcome to the realm of I AM.

Treatment w/o Denials

. A P P L I C A T I O N .
An Invitation to Give a
With me …. Right now:

I suspect most Truth-seekers and would-be healers find it very difficult to buckle down and apply what they already know. Right?
You already know that God wants you and yours well and happy, right? Sooo, let’s do it now!
Papa gave me some specific instructions to apply ‘This Time’. He said He wanted me to skip the Denial stage of giving a treatment and to flood my consciousness with the Absolute right off the bat. (I have to admit it took a little doing on my part because I was always so diligent about denying what is not true. But it made good sense to me after all: start with what is absolutely true and stay with it.
I have existed – right along with Jesus – before Abraham. I am pure Spirit therefore perfect in every possible way. (Still difficult not to deny the carnal mind’s junk, but Papa says What carnal mind? You’re made of the same Substance as Me.)
I know my identity because I have Consciousness. I Am, I-Christ, Awareness, Self, One: I am more than a seer, I’m the seeing.
God is Omnipresent, ergo so am I. Everywhere that God is I am. And everything that God is, I am. Only what God is, I am. Free! Happy! Healed! Whole! Abundant! Loved and loving! Amen.