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Stay at your center

Get back to your center
And I will too.
Awakening is one by one by one,
starting with me.

Let’s go directly
right snack dab at the Source
and ask ourSelf
Is it well with my Soul?

Deeper and deeper
into that Precious Place
where pain and confusion
were never known.

Go deeper still
Do you see one eternal
All encompassing
immortal Self?

Stay here now
Don’t go back.
Do not ever
go back.

Happiness beyond!

I kept silently repeating “I’m so happy! I’m so happy!” Finally Papa interjected “Did you notice how calm and serene your joy is this time, Robin? It isn’t hyper-emotionalism that robs one of much-needed repose. Just a gentle embrace, more restful than a nightful of zzzzz’s!

Happy, joy-filled Life is God

Is indicative of whether a person
Has understood a spiritual statement
Correctly, or not.
For example “I no longer live.
My Father lives through me and
I just go along for the ride!”
If one “feels” like they’re giving up
Living their own creative,
Joy – filled life –
They’ve entirely missed the point.
That happy, joy-filled, creative Life
Is God.

At social event, unwanted thoughts melted

THE OTHER DAY while attending a social function I became aware of a flutter of unwanted, critical thoughts. I tried to focus on the speakers and their messages but another flutter of unrelated, unloving thoughts invaded. Then “I” looked for “MY” (God’s) real thoughts and the result was pure JOY !!!
Hours of giving and taking, sharing love and basking in it replaced the aforementioned critical, uptight atmosphere as the latter melted before my very eyes.