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Warning: whatever happened to God?

When we discover
That God’s Oneness
Is all about us
And therefore me,
We want to embrace
This glorious Truth
With all we’ve got.
God in me
God living through me
God AS me!!!
And wonderful.
God is the only “I AM”
That’s ME !!
So far, no problem.
Let me take another look
At me.
Okay. Okay.
You go girl!
You go boy!
No danger yet…
Wait for it…
“I hate this ÷×+ing waiting
I hate what vcxzv said
I want this, I need that
I’m so frustrated
I can’t stand that guy
They’re so ugly
He’s an idiot
Hate want yuk
Bfdsrty bhygfg koouuy
Whatever happened
To God?

Testing professionally*

(a) Models must be testable
(b) Must generate predictions
(c) Predictions must be able to guide the discovery process.
(d) Must not be merely a default position.
(e) Must abolish counter-claim.
(f) Must extend beyond the intractable problems the opposing paradigm faced.
(g) Must deal with all legitimate scientific concerns.
(h) Must demonstrate all evidence supporting the model.
Dr. Robin Starbuck

Holy Spirit speaks*

Very, very often, the Holy Spirit steps in and rescues me from myself. He knows I’ve been wondering if I should have “prayed” over this or that and He reminds me that We have been together non-stop 24/7.
He reminds me that I already know that He has all the relevant information. So He simply speaks. Answers to my not-yet-fully-formulated questions, He simply speaks. Plans for what to do today, to my listening ears, He speaks. Wordlessly, silently, He – in my loving spirit – speaks.

Our Oneness*

– – – – – – – – – – –
The truth will make you free. It will free your heart. It will free your soul. It will free your mind. You will not have to walk in that bondage of the fear of separation from God for the rest of your life like Israel did and like so many millions of modern day people do today. And when that fear is gone, the heart, the soul, the mind become a much healthier place. They become a place that can deal with what life serves up because it is infused with and exposed to the power of God. It is immersed (or baptized) with the truth. It is immersed with that is produced from knowing our relationship with God is settled forever. You never, and I mean never, have to be concerned about you and God ever again. You can be absolutely confident about it.
the gospel according to Mike
Mike Williams

What good are you asleep?

God is Where all perfection resides.
You are within Him.
You are His very presence.
No “BUTs” –
It’s you who needs to wake up!

What good are you asleep?
The advancing kingdom is within you.
Still wanna sleep?

Quit dwelling in that all-too-public place
Where reality has never been.
Dwell instead in full conscious awareness
Of the dimension of God.

Healing journal – in twenties – all healed

When I was in my late twenties, I started a healing journal. I wrote out about 6 or 7 issues and my spiritual ‘treatment’ for each in shorthand. I included Bible verses, what I prayed or asserted and God’s responses.

One year later, on New Year’s Eve, I found myself in a flood of tears of great, great thankfulness: every single “issue” had been thoroughly and completely healed!!!

Since then I’ve learned – little by little, step by step – how to give these treatments instantaneously – faster than I could ever write them out! Responses come oftentimes before the question formulates.

I = God.
“Be still
And know
That I AM God!”
Be still.
“I will never
leave thee
Nor forsake thee.”
I = us.

Re-li-gion (noun) – a return to bondage. The word “religion” is traced to the Latin “re” meaning “again” and “ligare” meaning “to bind.”

A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it.