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The Miracle Self

[From The Miracle Self (first edition)
Chapter Five] Rowland Blythe referred it by fb messenger

Paul F. GORMAN – website


The secret of spiritual demonstration — demonstrating an infinity of all good, right here where you and I stand — is to lift awareness up and away from what appears to our senses as the physical forms of life into the atmosphere of Spirit — the so-called intangible — where an infinity of all perfection and wholeness already exists, non-attached to the seeming physical forms.

(The physical forms are sense only, not real in and of their own selves.)

The great mystery and miracle of life is that when we lift awareness up and away from the seeming physical forms of life into the pure spiritual allness of being of spiritual form — where fulfillment of each point in the universe, including the point called “you” is found — satisfying tangible forms infallibly become evident in the so-called physical experience.

That is the great miracle. No one in history has been able to explain how Spirit works, other than that Spirit does appear to our physical senses as all form. But we must reach the point, as quickly as we can manage to, of not caring ‘how’ Spirit appears to us as form. It does. That is where our ‘interest’ in the outer appearing world should end.

Our entire interest and desire must be in spiritual realization, spiritual dwelling, spiritual living. The outer world of abundant, glorious form then takes care of itself, in wondrous ways and experiences of fulfillment that reach into and as each niche of our lives.


Imagine you are the sun. You are the infinite fire, light and heat itself. Now imagine you have, this hour, temporarily lost awareness of yourself, what you are, what you have, and the effect of your light and heat as it pours throughout the universe. Your awareness has come crashing ‘down to earth’ and now occupies a tiny patch of light on a wall. Your temporary, fractional awareness occupies no more than the measurement and confines of that tiny patch of light on the wall.

That tiny patch represents the totality of what you think you are, what you think you have, and what effect you think you create in ‘your life’.

Just imagine it! Suddenly, you would be in a state of panic. Demands are being made upon you for which you possess insufficient supply. Your ‘body’ becomes ‘ill’ or ‘diseased’ because you possess insufficient health, insufficient life. Companionship becomes unsatisfactory because you think the only available companions are to be found within your tiny patch of being. Or you assume you do not have ‘what it takes’ to attract a loving partner. Employment and business activity becomes hard, never quite as satisfactory as you want it to be because you draw solely on resources limited to the confines of your tiny patch of existence. And so on throughout every department of life. Life seems to be, by degree, a never-ending series of limitations, lacks, difficulties, unfulfilled dreams, desires and needs, sadness, unhappiness, and fear.

Yes, of course! All you are aware of, temporarily, is the confine of the tiny patch of light on the wall you have falsely assumed to be ‘you’ — what you have, what you can do, achieve and experience.

The ‘patch of light’ represents what you as a human being falsely believe to be your limited self, with many more needs and desires than you seem to have the ability to satisfy.


As a tiny patch of light you discover it doesn’t take too much living as an individual or business owner before you ‘run dry’ of supply. You have ‘used’ all the light you possess as a tiny patch because you have assumed the tangible light that makes up your patch is the limited supply of light available to you for use in this physical experience.

So what do you do? You go in search of more patches of light. You search and labour for the tangible because in your temporary unawareness you have thought that all you have is what you can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. Then you, and everyone in the same predicament (the whole human race), concoct all sorts of creative methods of ‘getting’ and ‘earning’ more patches of light — money, along with every form of physical supply: home, clothing, automobile, companionship, love — all the ‘things’ of a satisfying life.

Most of these methods are more ethical than some! But, at their core — whether we call it working hard and ethically for money, lying, cheating or stealing it for it — all methods are mislead because they each focus on ‘getting’ or ‘earning’ or ‘making’ light patches — money.

Making patches of light is impossible without the source of light that creates the patch, so our attempts to ‘make’ or ‘get’ fail to be the prosperous fulfillment we seek. We try, but continually run short. We forever seem to need more, and quickly.

You can see how bizarre this scenario is! You can also see that the whole scenario of limitation is caused by a lack of awareness of the truth of identity. That’s all. You — the sun itself — thinks it is short of light and heat and so tries to ‘make’ more by concocting methods of manufacturing light and heat without access to the source — the creative substance, activity, and presence Itself.


What is your real need? Is it more ‘patches’ of light and heat? No. What you need is a renewed awareness which reveals that, actually, you are the sun aware of itself individually at this point in the universe called you, and that the awareness itself is the gateway to all the light and heat patches you will ever have need of or desire in the physical.

Of course! The effect cannot stop itself from appearing physically and tangibly. But you are not now concerned about the physical because your real nature is the intangible light and heat itself. You are the very infinity of light and heat, and so you never concern yourself with how your light and heat appears in the physical. You simply use your appearing physical patches of light and heat to trade with and play with in this material sense of self, but you never try to ‘get more’ because you know you already are all, and have all.

You are the very cause of every patch of light and heat you experience tangibly. You are not ‘getting’ them, you are them! Do you see that? All that is happening when you see something in the physical is that you are seeing the effect of you, yourself, appearing to the physical senses. The patch of light you and I see is the sun light appearing tangibly to the physical senses. But the patch is an illusion of effect. The patch is not what it seems to be because actually it is invisible light appearing tangibly only because our tangible senses perceive it in such a way. The real substance is the light source itself — the sun. Obtain the awareness of your infinity of light and you’ll have as many patches of light as you ever have need of or desire.

That’s the secret of demonstrating supply. Never attempt to demonstrate money. That’s the seducer! — the thought that the physical, the patch, is what you need. You’ll find yourself possessing all the money you ever want and need, and in never-ending abundance, when you lift awareness up and away from the physical appearing money, and into pure spirit where money is unnecessary to fulfillment — the place of awareness where supply is limitless, immediately available, never running dry.

This is the secret of secrets! Please understand this. Re-read it a hundred times if necessary until your consciousness breaks into awareness, like a bud breaking out in spring. Most of all sit in the Silence, ponder it, empty your ‘house’ and let Spirit move in.

Lift your awareness into Spirit where there is no need for money — just pure, infinite Peace, Bliss, Completeness without tangible material form, and without a need for it — and you will discover the great miracle is just as true for you today as it was for the greatest masters of the ages: that an infinity of supply of all good, including money, success, home, food and all good things is omnipresent right at the place you are standing, and becomes an infinity of material tangible things, people, places and conditions to your physical senses and experience.

But never look for them, or concern yourself over them, because — if you are still doing that — you have not understood what I am teaching you: that you are spirit — you are the ‘sun’ — and so there is nothing more you can add to yourself, or desire. How can there be? You cannot add anything to wholeness. The infinity that you are, and that you now awaken to and bask in — your infinity of spiritual being—appears to the physical senses as money, healthy organs, life-filled body, wonderful relationships, creative business or employment, happiness and joy of all life — just as sunlight appears to the physical senses as an infinity of light. Open your awareness to the infinity of Spirit that you are and you find yourself in possession of an infinite number of ‘patches’ — health, money, home, car, holidays, success, happiness and harmony in every department of individual experience.

You can see how the same applies to every seeming challenge or limitation we face. We face it only because our awareness of what and who we are, and what we have, is confined to the tiny ‘patch’ of being we have thought we are.

You are not finite in any way, and nor am I. You and I and every person, thing and condition are the one infinite Spirit. That’s it. You need no more awareness than this because the moment you awaken to your true infinite identity all the ‘patches’ of harmony, health and wealth appear to the physical senses. The moment you awaken to your true identity you no longer have concern for the ‘patches’ of physical-appearing health, happiness, love and prosperity, and yet — in your unconcern — you find all of life flowing harmoniously, healthily, lovingly and prosperously.


You see how, if there is an appearance — a ‘patch’ — of ill health or injury or disease, in order to see that appearance dissolve into nothingness we must lift awareness up and away from the physical appearing ‘thing’ or ‘condition’ into the pure awareness of intangible spirit where ill health, injury and disease do not exist. It is in that pure awareness of Spirit that the ‘healing’ occurs.

The ‘healing’ appears to our physical awareness when — and only when — we have lifted above being concerned about the ‘illness’, ‘injury’ or ‘disease’ in the knowledge that the appearing problem is just the ‘patch’. It has no cause, no substance, no power.

By the way, if you want to prove that physical ‘things’ and ‘conditions’ have no cause, substance or power try shutting off the source of light from the patch, and see how long the patch remains on the wall. Of course, it disappears instantaneously.

There is no cause, substance or power in anything you and I can experience in the tangible. All cause is Spirit and therefore good — infinitely so. You are that spirit and all you have to do is lift your awareness up and away from the physical into the pure Spirit, then rest there with an empty, open, peaceful, attentive, inviting attitude — with no concern or interest in the physical need or desire — and simply let the spirit that you are exist freely in, as, and through your consciousness.

Your spiritualized consciousness infallibly then appears as an infinity of ‘patches’ in your physical experience — healthy, fit, energetic body and mind; abundance of achievement, money and opportunity; beautiful relationships; happy, loving conditions; creativity, performance, achievement, attainment; joy, happiness and freedom in every endeavor and department of life. But you and I make no physical effort to ‘get’ these conditions, we simply continually live and bathe in the awareness of the infinity of Spirit being who we are, and who every being is, what we are and what every being is, and what we have and what every being has.

But never again do we become concerned when something looking like a challenge or demand or accident or disease turns up either personally or to someone in our life. Instantly we recognize it as a patch that the human mind — the five-sense awareness — terms difficult or impossible or upsetting or business-threatening or even life-threatening.

Instantly we lift up and away from the appearing ‘problem’ into pure spiritual awareness where there is no material form, either good or bad. There is just pure intangible Spirit, bliss, peace. As you dwell in that Spirit — as you actually live there (in spiritual awareness) all day — as being your only true nature and substance — and you steadfastly hold onto spiritual awareness only — not allowing yourself to become entangled in the belief that the patch you are seeing is something to ‘work on’ or ‘resolve’ — then you will quickly see the problem dissolve or correct itself as being the harmony it really is.

That’s the secret of demonstration.

From The Miracle Self (first edition)
Chapter Five

Holy Spirit speaks*

Very, very often, the Holy Spirit steps in and rescues me from myself. He knows I’ve been wondering if I should have “prayed” over this or that and He reminds me that We have been together non-stop 24/7.
He reminds me that I already know that He has all the relevant information. So He simply speaks. Answers to my not-yet-fully-formulated questions, He simply speaks. Plans for what to do today, to my listening ears, He speaks. Wordlessly, silently, He – in my loving spirit – speaks.

Can God help the military?

Many years ago a close, personal friend, Marvin J. Charwat, told me about a first-hand experience he had in the military. He was stationed where bombs were dropping right and left.
“One day,” he said, “You wouldn’t believe what I did, Robin. For no apparent reason I ran through the building I was staying in – up and down the stairs – screaming ‘Get out! Get out! Right now! Get out!'”
“No sooner did everyone – for no seeming reason – vacate the building, when a bomb hit and the whole building blew up!”
Marvin had saved the lives of countless people that day and I can tell you it had everything to do with his being so consistently at one with spiritual consciousness.

Collapsing time in a library!

Years ago I had a Bible reading project to do; all the passages were written down, so I went to a library of sorts to get started. The librarian said they were closing in a few minutes – and, sure enough, the clock confirmed it. I was so “into it” that I sat down and began my 30-45 minute reading. Next thing I knew the librarian was ushering me out the door. I thanked her profusely for having kept the place open late just for me. But she insisted that she didn’t and that I should look at the clock. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had finished the entire reading project in less than five minutes! Time had collapsed – or expanded – in an inexplicable miracle!

A quickie healing!

‘Bout an hour ago I cut my thumb and of course it started bleeding. No biggie I thought – I’ll just put a bandaid on and after a few days … “No, don’t cover it” came a ‘thought’ … But, it’ll jus take a sec … No, you don’t need to, I’ve got this one. Weeelll, okay . . . Long story short. Bleeding stopped immediately and thumb is smiling proudly! 😀

Jesus healed 100% of the time.

SPIRITUAL HEALING is all about looking beyond the seeming. Jesus was never the least bit impressed by appearances – physical or mental. His correct ‘seeing’ healed 100% of the time. He did require the super-abundance of negative thinking to leave (probably on a number of occasions), not because He couldn’t heal then, but because we couldn’t. The universal false belief in many minds and many powers is very, very strong. But we don’t need to be impressed. It’s mere nothingness.

Miraculous protection

A “Different” Lifestyle
While teaching at a university in New York City, I was the happy recipient of many acts of kindness and comradery on the part of other professors, including a home-cooked dinner invite. I set out for the upper East Side of Manhattan where I was regaled with many fascinating stories about university life there. My hosts treated me with such royalty that I almost failed to notice that their “lifestyle” was rather different from my own. A desire had welled up within me to reciprocate for all their generosity, but what did God want? He said by all means go ahead and show them the same kindness. They requested spaghetti with meatballs and sausage and mushrooms and lots of spices. In preparation I filled a huge kettle with water to which I added a very generous layer of oil to keep the spaghetti from sticking. When my two guests arrived they got comfortable in the living room – just a few feet from the kitchen where I had brought the water & oil to a ROLLING BOIL. Upon lifting the kettle to move it, it slipped from my hands and fell back on the stove. Water and oil (did I mention a “rolling boil”?) splashed out everywhere – all over the stove, fridge and ME! My face and arms were covered with boiling oil-water! But … I .. did .. not .. feel .. a .. thing! Nothing whatsoever! I reached behind me and grabbed a towel without saying a word to my guests since there was no reason to alarm them. Finally one of them got up and came into the kitchen and looked around at the water everywhere. She didn’t say a thing and neither did I.

Is your back against the wall?

Is Your Back Against the Wall?
I wish nothing for you – for your whole life – but great success, excellent health, wonderful friends, etc. I honestly do. But probably if you have all these things you won’t want to continue reading. On the other hand, if you need help, if you Really NEED help, you’re much more likely to open the receptors within that will ALLOW for the possibility that God is alive and well and living right there on the inside of you! How exciting is that! The unfortunate answer is that it’s usually not exciting at all until prompted by a dire predicament. So, let’s take a moment to thank God for this call on our lives and find out what He really has in store. When your back is to the wall you are potentially in a very GOOD place and you merely need to ask God to take over and talk to you from within.

Construction of truth triumphs over deconstructing error!

IS IT JUST ME ??? I have found that as I build truth into my life that is revealed by the Spirit and that revealed truth continually makes me free, that deconstruction of all that is false is automatic and it evaporates from my belief system. My whole theological world has been turned upside down the last 13 years and it has come from a construction of what is truth and not a deconstruction of what is false.
Don Keathley