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This so touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes; it’s so full of Life and true hope. <3

I hope you don’t mind, Robin, that I’m coming here to your wall and reading through as much as I can as often as I can for I find Life here and encounter with Truth. When this happens, then God’s vision on some very difficult issues that I’ve heard God on but have been having troubling seeing as God sees, I can see and words of agreement flow. God’s presence manifests here from the words of many of your posts.

I’ve been doing my best to not click much on your older posts so I don’t weird you out but sometimes I do click and sometimes a post like this one just touches me deeply. Thank you for all you share and again I’ll try to go through as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.
Eileen Brennan

Another wow moment when others realize what we have been sharing, is absolutely true.. Keep focused, keep sharing truth Robin!!
Ken Etter


It works!! It really, really works!! If you want healing, affirm God. God is in you and you are in God. Just keep affirming and affirming and affirming. God is in me and I am in God. God is in my stomach, in my lungs in my nostrils. He is in that person whom I have trouble with, and all that I can see when I think of them is God. No ungodly thought had better even try to enter this perfect mind. I am God’s. All around me everything I see, everything I think about is God. This is the new heaven and new earth. This is God’s kingdom here and now with everything and everyone in it perfect. We get to see this as we open our eyes, our spiritual eyes. God is in our stuff, our perfectly healed computers and phones, TVs, everything. Whatever I can see is God. Whatever I can think about is God. Anyone who can see me with their eyes or in their minds can see only God because God is all that there is. There is not a single issue out there that cannot be completely healed, thoroughly loved, wonderfully adored because it is all God. God is my Papa and my brother and my sister and my child. There is absolutely nothing that God cannot heal instantaneously. Absolutely nothing!! God IS Love.

Since listening to darling Herb my life has turned upside down and inside out. I’m following you like a tracker dog Robin!!!
Thank you 💝 Thank you 💝Thank you 💝
Valerie O’Donovan

Been 4 years of healing in quiet. And Robin Starbuck popped up in my life with truth after truth and now listening to Joel. And herb.
Catherine Miller Kendrick