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A friend named Mark

I have a friend
Out there in cyber-land
Name’s Mark, nice guy
But alas we hadda part ways
Coz he loves debating,
I hate it.
He honors the red-suited guy
I don’t.
He’s unclear ’bout gloom ‘n doom.
I’m not.
We wave to each other
As we pass by on another thread.
We say “You still …?”
Yep, and you?
Yeah, me too.
Bye-bye again.

Painting apt., lost guitar *

(7/1/16 approx)
Y’all know I had my place painted, right?
And you know it was no easy matter?
That it would take some time to put
everything back where it belonged?
Well, I finally got to the point of
Getting everything accounted for . .
And found, much to my distress
That my favorite electric guitar
Was nowhere to be seen.
So, so sad.
Was it the painter himself?
He had been so nice –
I practiced my Spanish with him.
So sad.
Or, did someone else in the building
Sneak in, when he wasn’t looking?
Omigoodness, I’d hate to accuse
The wrong guy.
I checked all the closets again
For the umpteenth time.
No Fender (guitar) !!
Trying to think Christianly:
This will be a blessing somehow.
Sure didn’t -f-e-e-l- like it!
Tried to see as Jesus sees.
Tried again a little harder.
Quit trying.
Then I knew …
God is here INSTEAD of this loss,
Humiliation and blame.
The Holy Spirit told me that all would be well.
“Look again (must be 11 times by now).”
Obediently, but not confidently,
I went to the same closet….
Felt around way, way in the back….
And guess what I found?