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Is there no god?

Can you imagine actually believing there’s no God
Outside of man-made creation?
Or believing that He’s relegated to a position of irrelevance?
That the back-stabbing world we see
Is actually real?
And there’s absolutely nothing we
Or anybody else
Can do about it?
Thank God it isn’t true
But understand that a helluva
Lot of people still don’t get it!

I believe there is no god. Quite simple when you realize there is no good evidence to support that belief

Frank Johnson:
Gabriel, Small input, if I may. If you read the biographies of the countless saints and sages found in all of the world religions, you’ll uncover plenty of evidence for the existence of God. But to be fair, what you are really saying, is you haven’t experienced any such evidence yet in your life. That’s perfectly normal. The human mind, as you know, is finite, which means it has no ability to grasp the divine on its own. But, IF you sincerely seek, you will find. Here’s something to think about. Your first realization will be when you look at yourself, you’ll notice that your mind is unceasingly thinking. You will also notice that you are aware of this thinking, and can change your thoughts or your subject of focus at will. Now, the key here, is to explore this awareness that appears to be aware of itself. There’s something of a doorway there to be discovered. 😉

The only way you can honestly disprove anything is to play the “devil’s advocate” game to the hilt. Do extensive honest research taking exactly the opposite position, i.e., “there’s a God and I’m going to prove it.” It’s really, really, really difficult when the human mind is made up but again that’s the only way to prove or disprove anything.