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Litmus Test of being in Self – Magdi

I read on FB the following question: “What is the litmus test of being established in/as the Self?”
It’s a relevant question that arises at a certain time in our contemplation.

Sri Atmananda Menon’s reply to the question about the ‘litmus test of being established in/as the Self’ goes something like that:
When no thought, no perception or sensation, no event can take you away from the causeless peace of the Self.

Francis Lucille often quotes Atmanada’s reply by adding the following: When 99.99% of the time world/body/mind events do not take you away from your essential nature that is peace and happiness.

The litmus test in my experience is the end of the roller coaster ride of the personal mind impression. The end of personal mind impressions. Well, 99.99% of the time 😉

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness, Beauty, Truth, the qualities of the Self, shines of their own once the veil of identification dissolves.

~Magdi Badawy

Be still and know I AM=God
I AM is revealed in your stillness and as your stillness. The stillness that you are, the stillness that is, the stillness that is not the result of any doing, that is not caused by any causation. The stillness that is ISNESS. Limitless, borderless stillness. Impersonal, universal beingness/stillness.
Thus, no doing is required. It is a noticing, effortless noticing of the reality of AMNESS, impersonal beingness. I AM noticing itSelf, knowing itSelf as borderless impersonal Self.

I AM is universal beingness. Godness.
Beyond any doubt I AM

I AM requires no thought
I AM is self knowing


Know Thyself is knowing oneself as I AMNESS universal, limitless knowingness, borderless beingness, wholeness, oneness.

As you rest in I AM, the universality of I AM dissolves the me-residues into itself and returns you to your innate AMNESS and reveals you to yourself as the peace and bliss of the Self.

‘Be still and know I am God’ refers to this Self knowing and not to the knowing of a separate God.
~Magdi Badawy

Attaining heights, slipping a little

Have you experienced what felt like
a complete final breakthrough
in which immense spiritual love
pretty nearly overwhelmed you?
Were you quite sure in the face of
such ineffable joy that the cares of
the world had had their last hurrah?

And then, finally, you “needed to”
come back and “face the world”
again at which time you “had to”
assume your “usual place” in it?
And all too swiftly the cherished
position, the pinnacle, evaporated?

I defy you to look again.
Look right at the point you had attained.
You see, it’s still there!!!
It’s gonna need some nurturing now
to bring it fully back and maintain it.
But be sure of this: it is still there.

Be still and know – Etter

Psalms 46:10 – there is no coming if one truly understands what it means to merely be still, to even silence the mind and BE in His presence. The “know” in this passage implies not a thought process but rather a knowing without the need for thought. to simply quiet the very inner presence and be aware.
~Ken Etter