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God will take over & things’ll get sweet

This hints at something I want to write about today, namely: YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT THE FULL PRIZE, LIVING FULLY AWARE OF SPIRIT, BUT CAN’T QUITE SEEM TO GET THERE? My best advice: Do it humanly. Be prepared … finally … for probably the first time ever … to put all your eggs in one basket. Do the human shutting out, ushering in, shutting out, quieting, quieting, quieting. Be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SHUT OUT HUMAN SENSE, WORLD-MIND. God will step in and take over for you … and that’s when things’ll start really getting sweet!!!

Have you died to this world? I mean really given it up? Have you met with some persecution and wondered why it was nearly painless? Have things been shifting in strange ways, only to settle down in remarkable harmony? That’s the Holy Spirit loving you!

“Be not afraid: it is I”, said Jesus. We have but to rest in the infinitude of His be-ing, bouyed up with omnipotent Spirit. The world can shriek and sulk, but you are unmoved, unimpressed, undaunted and free – such is Papa’s love for his darling child: you.

Heal your problem

like to apply healing principles to it?
You could start by recognizing that neither this problem nor any other
could happen to the Son of God
and you are that very Son of God.

Then where, pray tell, is the problem?
It exists exclusively in the world-mind.
You by virtue of human conditioning
have bought into it; so now you may
choose to un-accept it and awaken
to the realm of Spirit where problems are unknown.

It’s not quite as simple as that
if you have no genuine interest in the
Healer of all the ills that man is heir to.
That would be God, of course.
God and His indescribably beautiful
perfect realm of pure Spirit.

Take healing to next level

with claims of the flesh and matter?
Have you ever commanded that the body
function appropriately in Jesus’ name?
Then when it obeys, you’re astonished
beyond words, gobsmacked, shocked?

After an hour or two you’ve forgotten
Your unspeakably amazing healing
and you’re off on another tangent?
Next thing you know the original
problem audaciously haunts you again?

It doesn’t have to be that way.
Just do the math: (1) let your spiritual
awareness increase no matter what.
(2) upon receiving an amazing healing,
Joyfully pause, bask in it, meditate on it.

(3) Take it to the next level and APPLY
your newfound wisdom and confidence
to everything in sight –
eyes open or closed, focus, focus, focus.
You’ll hardly recognize yourself after that!

Healing Realm of God

When you come into the presence
of Christ, there is only God.
Germs and disease, discord and fear
are nowhere to be found.
Do you really think this is the same
dimension that forbade walking on water?
Multiplying food, walking through walls –
all perfectly natural in the
Healing Realm Of God.

Futile exasperation

In the Spiritual realm,
all is perfection as
we have the mind of Christ.
But in the merely mental realm
There’s so much darkness,
selfishness and fear.
Both realms are closer to us
than our very breathing:
and so we flip back and forth.
in futile exasperation.
We cannot hold onto both realms
simultaneously and sanely
although we seem to think we do.

If you ask someone
To help you achieve a healing
And then you proceed to
CONVINCE them that
You’re really, really SICK,
You’ve just rendered them
Unable to be of any help.
Turn your thought entirely away
From the so-called evidence.
(Do whatever you can to
Get your mind off it.)
Think of all the glorious truths
You know to be true Spiritually.
Then understand that these
Truths are the Realm of the Real.
Understand your way to awareness!
Make up your mind that
You’re not going back ever again
To that dark place of unawareness.
Don’t check the ‘condition’,
Don’t ever go negative at all –
Like your life depends on it …
Because it does.


ONE = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Allness = There’s nothing and nobody else!

I AM = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Omnipotence = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Spirit = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Love = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Omniscience = There’s nothing and nobody else!

Omnipresence = There’s nothing and nobody else!


Not healed??? Alfred Aiken – rowland

MUST READ !!! H E A L I N G SUCCESS !! (all ●●● mine)
“So This Is Why I Wasn’t Healed”
This excerpt is by Alfred Aiken from The Unchallenged Self
I Declared Truth Until I Was Blue In The Face — Where’s My Healing?●●●
Recently, one steeped in metaphysics asked for a clearer explanation of God. As the ALLNESS of God was pointed out, the seeker said, ”Oh yes, I know, but that is too absolute for me. Talk so I can understand you. The doctors at my place of business tell me I have tuberculosis and I am unable to work. I can’t pay my bills. I’ve declared Truth till I’m blue in the face but it doesn’t seem to do a bit of good. Why doesn’t God heal me? I’ve asked Him in all sincerity. I know He’s all powerful – that He’s Love Itself, so why doesn’t He heal me?”●●●
I tried to point out the ONENESS of God, but with each statement of Truth, my visitor countered with a metaphysical quotation, assuring me this was the very same Truth he had been declaring for months on end.●●● To break through this glib parroting, he was then asked for an original definition of what Truth is – not words or pretty, quotable sentences, but what is the Truth Itself; not the truth about Truth, but Truth’s very essence – what the I of this I-PRESENT is. This question caught his attention and he was still – he listened to the sole Self for a change, rather than to the chatter of no-Self, not-Self, not-One, not-I!
Fight Evil Appearances And They Will Appear To Get Worse●●●
Until now, all his efforts had been expended against evil, against a condition. However, as always in the field of theology, the more evil or sin is fought, the larger it becomes – the further from the Allness of God the theologian travels. Evil is not to be wiped out, dealt with, handled, cast aside or overcome.●●●
Because God is ALL, and this leaves nothing beside. Sickness, like aught else evil, is not something to be met, destroyed or healed, because PRESENT PERFECTION leaves no evil – leaves none sick●●●, ailing or in distress. Surely no one would go about trying to heal God!
God’s Allness Is All That’s Going On
My visitor was asked is he had ever felt GOD was in need of prayer – had he ever “worked” for GOD, tried to set GOD free of disease, deadly germs, infection? The answer was an immediate NO! Did time ever affect GOD? NO! Is God all, right NOW? Yes! Is there more than ALL? There was a pause, then a slow acknowledgment that there is ONLY GOD. Who then is ill? NO ONE, FOR GOD IS ALL!●●●
Suddenly, he saw this. “This is Truth!” he declared. It was clear to him that until this moment he had merely been attempting to know about Truth – about himself, about disease, but he had not known TRUTH ITSELF.●●● Truth revealed Truth to be TRUE RIGHT NOW, WHOLE, AWARE OF BEING THE I THAT I AM – THIS I RIGHT HERE.
Some three days late, because of employment insurance regulations, the young man had to report to the doctors for another X-ray. When the X-ray was taken it showed but a slight congestion which the doctors said was possibly fatigue. When they compared the new pictures with the old ones, they were at a complete loss to explain ●●● how the old set showed such an advanced stage of the disease and the new ones did not. To be doubly sure, however, they later called for another set which showed no trace of discord, and within a matter of days the yound man was back at work.

Your Truths can heal you!

Do you have many ‘truths’
Swirling about in your mind?
You’ve verified them intellectually
And set them aside?
They’re close by, aren’t they,
But not really accessible
At least not to your heart.
Now is the time to take them
Off the shelf and dust them.
Your very own truths will heal
Every single issue
Past, present, future
That is trying to deny you
Your perfect life.