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Time is not a real happening. The only real happening or reality is consciousness which in fact is a non happening. Consciousness is beyond time and space.
Time is mind impression, dream impression. Time only arises as thought which vibrates into the sensory field and expresses itself as a feeling.
What is really continuous in your experience is consciousness/awareness. It is not continuous in time. It is eternal, meaning outside of the relative impression of time.
There is nothing relative about consciousness/awareness. The Self is absolute.
~ Magdi Badawy

You have heard that you must
deny the thoughts from the
carnal mind, then add truth.
Try this if you’re ready: skip the denial.
Immediately flood your precious mind
with Truth, Truth, Truth.
In other words, don’t give that ol’
bugaboo the right time of day!
Don’t stay where you don’t want to be
One moment longer!

I have no mind to quiet


* * * Keep Quiet * * *

When I speak about quietness –
when I tell you to keep quiet –
it is not easy for everyone to follow.

Most people here are from different
backgrounds, practices, sadhanas;
and therefore feel they need to do something,
to put something into practice.

When I say, “Keep quiet.” it is not a practice.
There is nothing to be done and nothing to be undone.
This cannot be followed.
There is nothing to think about,
no need to make any kind of effort.
This is an indication of the quietness I am speaking about.
Truth always exists. Existence alone is.
It is called satyam.

We speak about enlightenment,
but first we have created bondage.
Bondage does not exist.

How can you remove that which does not exist?

First, teachers impose a concept of bondage
and then various practices are prescribed.

There may be millions of books in the world,
thousands more are published every day.
Nowhere does it say, “Be quiet”.
When you simply say “Keep quiet,”
what is the rest of the book to be about?

There is no ignorance at all;
there is only existence – there is only satyam.
If you simply keep quiet you will know that only this exists.

Before the sun rises early in the morning
it does not first try to remove the darkness of the night.
The sun does not say, “Let me brush away the darkness
and only then, in the daytime, I will rise.”

For the sun there is no night,
there is no darkness to be removed.
The sun does not even know that such a thing as night exists. What practice is needed to remove darkness,
where is this darkness?

All practices imply the reality of darkness, of ignorance,
when in fact they do not exist.
The river in the sand is a mirage;
it does not exist, it never existed.
If you go closer and closer the sand not even is wet;
it is only a belief that makes us run after a mirage, nothing else.

There is only satyam; there is only Truth.
What need is there of practice?
It is only practice which is concealing the truth.

~ Sri Papaji

* * *

How to stop thinking?

Papaji: By Being!
When you think that you are an object, a person, a body, or
some other idea, but by Being there is nothing!
Just Being.
And Being is already there.
You are always Being.
To become something you must meditate and perform some mantra, ritual, practice.
Just to Be is simple.

Without Being you can’t do any practice.
So don’t think of anything else.
Just Be!
It is so easy to Be.

Question: But when I try to just be, so much thinking happens.
I am sure everyone has this problem.

Papaji: Thinking happens when you want to become something.
Then you must think.
But to not become something what is there to do?
Stay as you are!

Be as you are in whatever circumstances,
just always Be, It doesn’t need any practice.
Whatever you get by practice you will lose,
but Being will never be lost because you will not get it by any experience or practice.
It simply is, Simply Be.

Don’t stir your mind in Being,
don’t think and don’t make effort.

I will tell you how to be Being itself.
No effort, no thinking.

Avoid thinking and avoid not thinking.
What is between these two?

~ Sri Papaji

* * * Try it for one week & See what happens * * *

Just sit still at home in Silence
and stop the mind from thinking.
That’s the easiest way, the best way, the simplest way.

For one week, I would like you to experiment.
I don’t want you to read any book.
Don’t look at any spiritual literature.
Just sit by yourself as much as you can.
And watch your mind, watch your mind.

Do whatever you have to do to slow down the mind,
and then you’re going to be amazed.

You will laugh at yourself.
For when the mind becomes quiescent,
Reality will rush in.
And you will see it so simple, it’s so simple.

~Robert Adams


When you enter the silence you enter a profound peace, bliss consciousness, pure awareness.
That’s what the silence is.
It’s not being quiet.
It’s beyond that.

It’s not just quieting your mind, like I say all the time.

It’s understanding that there’s no mind to quiet.

When you realize there’s no mind,
you automatically become silent.

When you still think you’ve got a mind,
you make every effort to quiet the mind, and you can’t.

How many of you believe you can quiet the mind through effort?
You can’t do that.
It’s not the effort that makes you quiet your mind.

It’s the intelligent understanding that
you have no mind to begin with.

Then you just keep still and everything takes care of itself.

~ Robert Adams

Who is the I we’re talking about?

Hello? Hello?
Who am I talking to?
Or, your mind?
(Your mind is that which
keeps getting in your way!)

You cannot KNOW home:
You can only BE home.
Being is what we’re trying
(in vain) to locate.
But we know it’s right here.

I feel blah blah blah
I think blah blah blah
I want blah blah blah
” I ” is the only significant
thing we want to address.

Right where you truly long to be

Not quite where you want to be yet?
At your center? In Spirit? Home?
You keep listening to nonsense when,
In fact, you’ll never be more centered,
in Spirit, than you are right now.

You simply need to awake.
No intellectual gymnastics,
No long intricate journey.
Awake … and you’re there,
Right where you truly long to be.

The empty infinitude of God

Are you trying to give it all up?
You’re trying too hard!
Are you identifying with
all the thoughts that assault you?
You’re not trying hard enough!

What gives? Wot’re ya talkin’?
You want to come home, right?
You’re already there.
You just can’t stand that abuser.
Now you’re nowhere!

The Christ is within you.
That’s gotta be good!
Christ is in him too
You know … that hood!
‘Twill be understood.

Think only from the standpoint
– who you really are!
No, I mean really, really
And deeper yet – really
After all perceptions cease.

Now here’s the kicker:
God’s in us all – through us and
As us, surrounding us too –
The matrix, the apex
And all in between.

Who sees you? Who feels you?
Who thinks your thoughts?
Your Self, my Self, all Self
supplants all other “perceivers”
In the sublime realm of the
Empty infinitude of God.


Man: I can’t stand it when …
Self: Who is doing the feeling?
Man: I am.
Self: Who is this “I”?
Man: Huh?
Self: Where are you located – in your feet? Legs? Torso? Lungs? Heart? Head? Where can you be found?
Man: I don’t know.
Self: Let’s look for you, shall we? You said you can’t stand something. Never mind who or what you can’t stand – that’s all garbage. We know you are present because this feeling is evident. But the You that you really are – right down to your very essence – unencumbered by perceptions, judgements, desires, fears – that You – is God, Absolute perfection, your Self.

Man: Then You’re me talking to me?

Self: Yes, that’s what is really going on. But the onus upon us is to get crystal clear on who and what this “self” that is You is. Once we acknowledge that it is not localized in your body, we can start to conceive of what and where it is … and then revisit that awful question “who or what is it that can or can’t stand something? ”

Man: I’m starting to see that I’ve got to think outside the box – spiritually.

Self: What and where is the box?

Man: That would be matter!

Self: Bravo! What does it consist of?

Man: A kind of etherealized matter?

Self: Pretty good. Eventually we’re going to see that it’s unreal, just something that your body-mind dreamed up. This non-existent container holds all your fears and phobias, anxieties, dramas and yes even your so-called short-lived pleasures. When you let it go a kind of shaking will take place because the body is loathe to surrender its foothold, but don’t let that frighten you in the least. After all, you have just fully aligned yourself with God for the first time – ever!