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Tell them all this, Robin

Robin, I want you to tell them again how easy it is to listen to Me and just let Me take over their prayer time. Remind them that they can jump-start a conversation with Me or rather a listening session from Me by jump-starting it like you would a car that doesn’t start in the morning and needs to connect two engines by jumper cables! Now you don’t need to walk in a halting manner because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your body at all. There’s nothing wrong with Me so there’s nothing wrong with you. Your breathing, your vision, your hearing, your digesting: perfect perfect perfect perfect – just like Me. After all, I’m the very stuff from whence you came!! They loved it when you told them yesterday:
…..”God isn’t perfect: He is Perfection.
God isn’t spiritual: He is Spirit.
God isn’t loving: He is Love.
We have emerged from God.” …..
That’s where you’re all from – from Me!!!! Not even molded – sometimes imperfectly – by Me: oh no! You ARE Me … as a drop of water is fully Water!!! But we don’t start with a human ego-laden mind and try to see what we in the flesh want. We see as God, Mind, Soul, Spirit.
Tell them I want to talk to them too – very personally, very intimately. I just want them to see what’s really going on right where jealousy, hatred, conniving, back-stabbing seem to be I AM there INSTEAD. And Robin tell them I love them as My very own Life!

Don’t stop short!

Stream-of-consciousness Treatment

“This morning I broke through a great deal of distractions and finally made it to giving myself a full-fledged treatment. this is what I’d like to recommend for you as well. once I had decided that I was going to do this treatment a distracting thought occurred to me so I said “number one” and then another distracting thought and I said “number two” number three I got up Way Beyond number 10 and finally I broke through. in the past I would have called the distracting thoughts the act of the devil but I’ve come to know that the best way to deal with even the slightest thought of the devil is to deny him existence but that’s not what this is all about. I got to that place where I could give my treatment and in this particular case I literally put my left hand tightly over my eyes and determined not to release it until I had finished, so great were the distractions prior to that!
although I know perfectly well that God Lives within me and lives as me and through me, in order to get a smooth communication I elected to regard my listening session as him speaking to me.
“You are on track now Robin and you’re hearing me clearly. yes I am speaking from within you and as you but for communications sake I am telling you that when you look for perfection in order to see me well that’s a very good thing but you’ve kind of got it backwards. You see I AM Perfection and as you see Me you simply see Perfection everywhere. I am love and as you see Me you see love everywhere I am life and you can see true life everywhere and most importantly I am you. you are me. We Are One. what I am and what I have is yours , yay more it is you. everything about you is spiritual and perfect because you remember that’s what I am. when you think of that person that’s been so hard to forgive, think about a whole new spin on that so-called history. It was absolutely necessary in order for you to open your eyes to ME. now they’re wide open, no thanks to all those distractions earlier!!! But we made it. no you want to be able to dismiss that seemingly Unforgivable issue well let’s do it with utmost Authority right now. just see as Jesus sees. see knowing that I’m within you seeing as you. remember trying to locate yourself within your body and you couldn’t find it? the best you could do is to say that you reside behind your own eyes? think of that location & person as I AM because that’s exactly what I AM. think with the mind of Christ because that’s the only mind that you have. do you see now how it is that you don’t need approval from anyone? when people seek approval from you, you can honestly say that they’re on the right track because they are seeing I AM in you [but of course you’ll tell them the Truth.]
Remember, Robin, when you had a hard time with the concept of I Am? it always seemed like an incomplete sentence. it’s God. it doesn’t need to be completed by anything else. it’s you. you don’t need to be completed by anything else.”