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Questions about Spirit

WHEN WE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT SPIRIT, we need to be aware that it’s a whole ‘nother realm. We run into so much trouble trying to blend the two realms, like mixing oil and water or comparing apples with oranges.

The Spiritual realm is not one millimeter or one nanosecond away: it’s right here! But here’s the kicker – it’s here INSTEAD. That is unbelievably wonderful news and here’s why: it is the HEALING of all the woes of the flesh – every last one of them! How’s that?

What is true in the Spirit oftentimes isn’t true in the flesh, and vice versa. Jesus lived in the flesh – or so it seemed – but saw right through the flesh all the time. When we “see” a body healed and whole the body obeys. When we see a world healed and whole it obeys. You really can’t prove me wrong coz you’d first have to “see” the healing.

So try it, I dare you! It gets easier and easier with practice.

Who am I, you ask. R.Blok

Stolen moments

Who am I you ask
Yet the question always remains.
For who I am changes
from day to day
nay from moment to glorious moment I’d say
Yet all you who I meet have changed who I am
But am I not more than the sum of all that I have experienced also of all of who I’ve met
is there not some basic me
A version untouched, unblemished a version of my most perfect self
Yet I ponder this and still I am not who I once was…

Peace and love
Robert Blok

Sometimes something isn’t meant for you.

COULDN’T WE HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING? If something I write doesn’t resonate with you it’s because it wasn’t intended for you. I have 5000 + 2000 + 2300 + 11000 + unlimited number of people I’m reaching out to. When something is presented with just the right nuance, the right sensitivity, the right humor or the right background, it reaches someone in need and glorious blessings ensue. So, again, if it doesn’t ring your chimes IT WASN’T INTENDED FOR YOU !!

‘Cooling my heels’

GOD DOES NOT CAUSE SUFFERING nor does he revel in seeing his beloved in pain. Having said that, I’ve been at this spirituality thing a long, long time and I know it develops with practice. I also know unfortunately (!) that a very large percent of my spiritual growth has been owing to my often being forced to ‘cool my heels’ by facing one seemingly insurmountable issue or another.

Do some good, for goodness’ sake!!!

You are a creator.
You need to be creating.
Stop sitting, neutral.
Quit hesitating!
When your mind is idle
You are prone to stray
Into murky waters
Where “your serpents” play
You are at your very best
When you are who you’re made to be
Letting your divine persuasions
Flow in creativity!
Fixing broken things and people
Making better, broken hearts
Reconstructing and restoring
Finding other’s missing parts
Building, painting, holding, molding
Dancing, singing, writing treasures
Satisfying inner longings
Fills your days with perfect pleasure!
Rest between creative sessions
Never take too long a break!
You are made to make and re-make
Do some good, for goodness’ sake!!!
~Robert Rutherford

Embrace eternal life

I wish you didn’t believe in Heaven.
I’m cool with the “Family Reunion” aspect but you’ve put “ON-HOLD” a LOT of things that should be happening in your world, HERE AND NOW!!!
NOW. RIGHT NOW. HERE. <3 Robert Rutherford

Act the part

Q: If we’ve already been healed, how come we’re still sick?
A: Because you don’t believe you’ve been healed.
[That’s called “Unbelief”]
Q: How can I get over it?
A: Act like the healed person that you really are.

Jesus took what you deserve … Really??

When people say “Jesus took what you deserve.” Really? At what age does a person deserve to be flogged and nailed to a cross? 7 years old? 10? No? How about the dreadful “age of accountability”? 12? So a 12 year old kid deserves to be flogged and nailed to a cross? No? How about 90? Does a kindly old lady deserve to be flogged and nailed to a cross? At what age do you deserve this? This is not how the atonement works nor is it what the early church believed about the cross. Also, people who say “Jesus took what you deserve” usually say you deserve eternal conscious torment, but being flogged and crucified is not eternal conscious torment, so there’s another wrench thrown in the spokes of that whole paradigm. At some point when you start actually thinking about this stuff, you start realizing none of it makes sense and you go running back to the early church fathers for a dose of some better news about the gospel.

~ Jacob M. Wright

Growing gradually

In your walk with Jesus, in your study of the word, did you or did you not glean understanding little by little, step by step, here a little there a little? And did you not find many corrections along the way where God was finally able to deal with you on a higher level because you had finally completed the levels leading up to it? Do you know that it is human nature to forget the levels up to it and just expect everyone to measure up to your new level, forgetting that other people have been learning differently than you and not necessarily in an inferior way? They have been learning similar lessons from a whole different vantage point and for all we know they could be way ahead of you!! When you get a great and golden new insight do you ever think just how naive you were about 10 seconds ago? and when you’re busy with self congratulation did it ever occur to you that the other person may be sailing right past you at this very moment? You thought you had everything all figured out and suddenly you realize that something no longer makes sense. This would be a very good time for you to remember that you are dealing with the realm of the spiritual and we are all mere mortals trying to comprehend the incomprehensible!!!

When a person
Faces a challenge
Big or small
By trusting God
All the way
He’s not surprised
To receive
A perfect answer.
His faith begins
To soar
His confidence too.
Next time
He trusts again
And again and again.
He becomes filled
With a kind of
God confidence
And no longer needs
To prove himself
When all that there is
Is God.