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“Trying to grasp, handle, be boss” JM

I must confess I’m still trying to ‘grasp’ it at times and it’s always way too slippery to handle, but then ‘handle’ in this case means I’m still trying to be Boss and retain control.
This is reminding me more and more of when I was learning to ride a bicycle. Temporary success followed by repeated failure until one day I finally ‘got it’ and just simply glided away…
~Jim Muffo

Hearing God becomes easier with practice

I have found that hearing God becomes easier and easier with practice. Sometimes the carnal mind gets really obstinate and just hits me with “NOT RIGHT NOW DON’T WANNA I’LL DO IT LATER WHAT’S FOR DINNER” and similar mind-numbing nonsense, hoping to lull me into a stupor. As soon as I wake up to this malarkey, I focus on/as God and the journey becomes joyfully exhilarating once again!

Warning: whatever happened to God?

When we discover
That God’s Oneness
Is all about us
And therefore me,
We want to embrace
This glorious Truth
With all we’ve got.
God in me
God living through me
God AS me!!!
And wonderful.
God is the only “I AM”
That’s ME !!
So far, no problem.
Let me take another look
At me.
Okay. Okay.
You go girl!
You go boy!
No danger yet…
Wait for it…
“I hate this Γ·Γ—+ing waiting
I hate what vcxzv said
I want this, I need that
I’m so frustrated
I can’t stand that guy
They’re so ugly
He’s an idiot
Hate want yuk
Bfdsrty bhygfg koouuy
Whatever happened
To God?

The higher level

God’s work is finished. The higher level is spiritual and is accessible now! We don’t need to do anything: we don’t even need to wait. Let go of all the preconceived notions about what you think you want, need, should feel, should have, and only believe. A joy heretofore unknown should sweep over you and wash through you, confirming that you are in the center of His will right this very moment … and forever.

Good thermometer!

β™‘ ● β™‘ ● β™‘ ● I can always tell if I am completely on track with God by how I’m feeling about every person who comes to mind. On track with God, I love absolutely everyone easily and unconditionally.
β™‘ ● β™‘ ● β™‘ ●

Who are you going to … bless?

Reading lovely words and
Saying β€œHow beautiful!”
Doesn’t put you
Where you need to be.
Viewing your fellow man
As less than you in any way
Sells YOU short!!!

You got a new revelation
And another, and another
Now who are you going to bless?
Not instruct, not correct
Just bless?

Gradual spiritual development


God is within me.

Q: Filling up what percent?

One hundred percent.

Q: Then you’re God?

I am not Father God, Creator of heaven and earth, the sea and all that is under the earth, no. (Sarcasm intended.)
But as a drop of water is water, I am the exact same substance as God.

Q: What does that mean to you?

It means that I am spiritual and perfect. Not only do I see as God sees but God does the seeing – through me. And the hearing, feeling, thinking, imagining, knowing.

Q: So you never have any sicknesses, lack, accidents, problems …?

I didn’t say that.

Q: Please explain.

I haven’t arrived at such a state of awareness that I never have problems, but I will say that challenges have become less and less severe while trusting God (within and as) me has become more and more natural and joyful.

How God gets my attention

If I have not one, not two but three small mishaps like this: (1) drop my pen [no biggie – just reach down and retrieve it] (2) immediately after ALMOST knock over a bottle of water (3) ALMOST miss a really urgent message — I finally “get it”, stop whatever I’m doing dead in my tracks and LISTEN WITH GREAT EXPECTANCY for a kind of breakthrough message from God.
IF I’M ALREADY IN FULL LISTENING MODE, He doesn’t need to “get my a-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n.”

Handling distractions

Ever get distracted?
Feel like there are two of you?
One who keeps drifting off
And the other keeps coming back
To God?

Do you finally remember
It was never your conscious decision
To go back to that place again,
Knowing full well God holds everything
You could ever want or need?

Take the bull by the horns this time.
When you feel that familiar tug,
There is no overwhelmingly
Powerful hold on you;
Nor a guy in a red suit.
Just a suggestion wafting from
That place you go to
No longer.