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New Age vs Christianity

To fellow Christians:
Here’s a little something that’s been on my mind for some time now. We don’t need to assume that fresh new revelations that come to us from the Holy Spirit belong to the New Age Movement. And we need not cling for dear life to antiquated theology in hopes of preserving our spiritual understanding. We are not the ones who are delimiting God: they are. Just imagine Jesus at the transfiguration – what a sight to behold! We believe a whole host of other pretty weird things too, without qualification. Witness the walking through walls, multiplying food and wine, healing all sickness, disease and death, including his own! Now finally science is catching up and dis-covering that God was at the helm all along!
The New Age Movement wants to say it’s all about Quantum Physics. Not so! That’s God’s realm, the dimension of pure Spirit. All the mind-boggling findings that we read about in the literature belong to God alone, not the creativity of the mortal mind.
There’s so much wrong with religion that I personally have elected to dissociate myself from it. As a result my love for God and His Son, Jesus, has grown exponentially. And that’s what distinguishes Christianity from the New Age Movement.