Monthly Archives: March 2017

A shocking scientific discovery

I’ll never forget a scientific experiment that occurred in my life years ago. I had decided that I didn’t have any use for my gas stove in my kitchen anymore – I was just going to send out for food, or prepare it in my microwave. There had been a slight smell of gas, but I had super strong, thick, impenetrable plastic tape that I could wind around it. I wound it and wound it and wound it and wound it around, around, around. Guess what happened? In a flash the gas passed through like it was a fishnet stocking! The tape didn’t stop it in the least! Finally I took some spackle, made plaster out of it and built a concrete wall around the gas leak and voila! It was gone!!!
But what a lesson in basic physics!!! There are things that can’t be blocked out by a weak, wimpy quasi-treatment. It needed to be dealt with by something infinitely stronger!