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God changes your Want to’s even if hurting

When God changes your “WANT TO’s”
WOW !!!
That’s all I can say! Wow!
Oh, now I just said something else! :p
Silly me! I just get so happy!
I want to, want to, want to
Hug and kiss everyone!
God is soooo beautiful!

If you’re hurting –
Look way, way, way beyond –
Get outta that realm altogether!
You can do it! You must see it!
God-as-you and nothing more.
Conscious awareness of only what’s real
Healing and miracles galore!

I will believe if…

One of the earliest healings that I had heard of in my youth was when a man went to a Healer and said if you heal my wife I will believe. He was told that he had it backwards and that he needs to believe no matter what. He “got it” and went home believing. Shortly thereafter his wife was healed. It made such an impression on me because people are always asking me similar questions, motivated by their own wishes and holding off on actually believing in God in the first place.

Is there something you should do?

Is there something you should be doing or should have already done and you just can’t seem to get to it? You’ve tried everything: pushing yourself, guilting yourself, cajoling yourself?
Oh, I don’t know what it is but it certainly seems like it should have been done long ago. Thoughts like that only make it worse right? It could even be mental you know some study or prayer or connecting or surrendering, whatever!
Well the other morning I said to Jesus, “Could you please put on my heart and in my mind and body a strong desire to do this task. Thank you very much.” Then I went on my merry way and forgot about it and within a few hours the entire huge task was done!

The ego is a non-entity

Good news! Good news!
The ego is not your enemy
to overcome in battle.
The ego is a non-entity,
a misapprehension,
having nothing to do with
“I” (God) who is really you!

Dwelling on the negative
is futility at its pristine best
futility born of pain and fear
unable to withstand any test
we open our eyes now and
begin to see I AM, God, is me.

Spiritual living vs. glamour and glitz

I had a huge battle with dualism.
I wanted that closer walk with Jesus and
I wanted the glamour & glitz of the world.

Whenever there was a way to evade them
dualism raised its hydra head again.
Very sickly=> very wanting God entirely.
Well again? Sayonara deep concentration!

to keep my nose to the grindstone.
Coz I really, really, REALLY wanted
God’s healing path for my life!

and say to you: “You Must AWAKEN !!”
The world can never offer you the
unspeakable bliss of Spiritual HEALING !!

Andrew Wommack – God is all good: here, in heaven

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. MATTHEW 6:10 Jesus continued to praise God, declaring, “Father, I know that it’s Your will for things to be done on earth the way they are in heaven.”In heaven, there’s no sickness. Therefore, it’s not God’s will for you to be sick! There’s no poverty in heaven. So it’s not God’s will for you to be poor here on earth! In the presence of the Lord, there is abundant joy, shouting, singing, praising, and worshiping. That’s what heaven is like, and it’s how He expects us to be here on earth!
~ Andrew Wommack

Houston flooding

If you want to pray
About the flooding in Houston
Wouldn’t it be more godlike to
Pray for all of Houston?
And more effective to want to
Know Who and What
God really is?
We miss out on so much
When we keep pulling God down
(As if we could!)
To our extremely limited view
Where checking against
Our expectations is the norm.
Instead let’s lift ourselves up
To full Spiritual awareness
And stay there.

Timelessness becomes time-fullness*

It’s wonderful to know that God is where we’re ultimately going and we will hang with him through all eternity. But when the notion of timelessness becomes part of the deal, it all sounds so dull and meaningless – to say nothing of lifeless.
In God’s multi-dimensional realm, we can enjoy glories heretofore unknown.
And we get to do that forever in what we may now wistfully dub “multiple time dimensions”.

Real laws vs. disease

Real laws cannot be broken.
You won’t find grapefruit
In a pear tree.
Electricity, thermodynamics,
And gravity, too
Have their inviolable laws.
But disease has no such
Law to protect it.
Jesus knew that as
Sure as we’re sittin’ here.
He smashed false laws
To smithereens!
And you can too.
MESSAGE: When you check
Back to see how much
Progress you’ve made,
You’ve proven (hopefully
To yourself)
That you really don’t see
The spiritual realm at all!
Good News: the culprit
Has been uncovered.
With no further adieu,
Right here is the realm
Of Spirit, God, and of course,