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Spiritual search is over

“THE GREATEST HAPPINESS I know that my search is over.
I am always consciously aware of the Presence of Spirit.
I have discovered the great reality.
I am awake to the realization of this Presence. There is but one life. Today I see it reflected in every form, back of every countenance, moving through every act.
Knowing that the divine Presence is in everyone I meet, the Spirit in all people, I salute the good in everyone. I recognize the God-life responding to me from every person I meet, from every event that transpires, in every circumstance in my experience. I feel the warmth and color of this Divine Presence forevermore pressing against me, forevermore welling up from within me- the wellspring of Eternal Being present in the eternal Now!-”
Ernest Holmes

Renew the mind – in a flash – Keathley

Absolutely love it – especially “instantaneous”! Looking back for a second I see how right you are: the revelations or illuminations never really came gradually; they were always the full result of having awoken. And it was always like a flash!

Renewing your mind is not a life long, never achieved process of religious gymnastics. The renewed mind happens with the instantaneous revelation, that you possess the mind of Christ, in the now.
~Don Keathley

Litmus Test of being in Self – Magdi

I read on FB the following question: “What is the litmus test of being established in/as the Self?”
It’s a relevant question that arises at a certain time in our contemplation.

Sri Atmananda Menon’s reply to the question about the ‘litmus test of being established in/as the Self’ goes something like that:
When no thought, no perception or sensation, no event can take you away from the causeless peace of the Self.

Francis Lucille often quotes Atmanada’s reply by adding the following: When 99.99% of the time world/body/mind events do not take you away from your essential nature that is peace and happiness.

The litmus test in my experience is the end of the roller coaster ride of the personal mind impression. The end of personal mind impressions. Well, 99.99% of the time πŸ˜‰

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness, Beauty, Truth, the qualities of the Self, shines of their own once the veil of identification dissolves.

~Magdi Badawy

When I look at you I see myself! – Magdi

Whenever I use the term I AM
I am referring to universal beingness/awareness
And not to a personal ego form

Thou are That
Universal beingness

When I look at you I see myself

It is important to clarify that being knowingly the Self does not make any person special. There is no separate self. All impressions of being special, whether it refers to me or some special someone else, are false.

We are all special
No one is special
Everything is special
Nothing is special

Truth is not at the mind level
It shines onto the mind
But it is not sourced in the mind. <3 ~Magdi Badawy

Silence – Isha Das

Small Practices Bring Great Love

As our spirituality deepens, our subtle practices become increasingly important. Surely, nothing is more important than approaching life from a spirit of silence. Such silence is not the absence of noise but a prayerful watchfulness and a childlike openness to what is. Silence is the choice to not take ourselves and our opinions so seriously. Silence is embracing a degree of solitude, which can be as simple as turning off the car radio, the television, the iPhone, and the news. Silence is talking less and listening more. Silence is letting go of our psychological defenses. Silence is making room for both discomfort and joy. Silence is remaining content with moments of emptiness. Silence is bowing to the truth, without the need for commentary. Silence is trusting the process of God’s providence. Silence is breathing with awareness from the depths of our souls. Silence is paying attention to that still small voice percolating within our interior depths. Silence is the place where we encounter ourselves and God. β€œSilence is,” as Yogananda tells us, β€œthe altar of Spirit.”

Isha Das

Welcome, Silence.


In my earlier days I used to “turn my problem over to God”! Everyone thought it was wonderful!
I simply say


Jesus could have told thief on cross he was already in Paradise, but the thief wouldn’t have understood.
We too are there already.

To whomever overcomes mortality (Tree of Knowledge) will I (Christ, your real life)give immortality (Tree of Life)

I-Christ, in the midst of you, has already overcome the world.

What if all your thoughts, feelings and desires amounted to nothing, spiritually?
Hey! It’s just a question!

We are being spoon-fed the Kingdom by our soul.
Having divested ourself of all the trappings of the world, we enter the sanctuary.

Those who put forth the effort to live in spiritual universe & spiritual body as Christ identity find Divine Love within released.

Divine Love is where annoying neighbor, etc is: = spiritual being.
He that kno3weth not Love knoweth not God.

We must not (cannot) place ANYONE outside that One Body of Christ.

Did you know your spiritual body contains all that the Father has?
It is your ONLY body!
In accepting one, you renounce the other.

Your spiritual body is always fulfilling law of God that you be perfect in every way.
Refuse to accept the lie that says otherwise

again & again & again.
The world mind blinds mankind to its identity as Christ.
We can break it: Know The Truth!

It is possible consciously to walk in Kingdom of Heaven now – on earth – daily.
People who aren’t aware won’t see you living in it

Conscious living in the Kingdom brings forth the God-substance.
Needless to say such living bears fruit very quickly in many ways

already Am.
The infinite I is the I of all who seemingly walk in flesh.
That everywhere I is who I am and who my neighbor is.

God did not create mortal life. The mission of Christ is to teach this Immortal truth.
is the Christ message

All cosmic human thought is
to break the dream of matter.
There is only One Creator : GOD.

The universal hypnosis is shattered when incorporeal senses are developed & we transmit our infinite being into eternal expression

Spirit is omnipresent – with no division.
No boundaries of height, width, depth, minutes, hours, years, inches, feet, yards, miles

Spirit is ONE Infinite Life, always alive, always self-existent, always the only Life, the only power and the only intelligence.

ONE eternal perfect BE-ing is the spiritual flesh of Christ
The infinite intelligence of this omnipresent being is blood of Christ

●●●●● Accept & practice the presence and the omnipresence of Christ as the one IDENTITY
In mystical terms this is eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ.
This is the reality of ALL mankind.
Only then can the Kingdom of God within convert earth into heaven for you.

on the day of
demonstrated that man is immortal Christ and can never die.

The eternal I AM of man never dies.
That eternal I AM had the power to transform your life and the life of the world.

Instead of seeking Christ,
just BE Christ.
Only Christ has the power to fulfill the purpose of God.

Your success depends on the measure in which you live in your Christ identity. There is no other method, no shortcut no easier way

Christ never rose from the dead: I-Christ, God, never died.
God & Christ are one Spirit, one eternal Life.
Spirit is indivisible.

Christ has overcome the world. He accepted God as the only being in the universe.
This was key to His mission & ministry. #AWAKEN

Christ lives in the Kingdom of God under the perfect government of God.
Christ lives by the will of God – not by personal ambition

Divine Grace doesn’t “give” us anything.
Divine Grace
I S us, fulfilling our every need. #ThisChangesEverything

●●●●● To satisfy mankind’s need to have everything make sense in the realm of matter, yes, of course Jesus suffered, died, was buried, rose from the dead. But in OUR REAL REALM – THE REALM OF SPIRIT – THERE IS NO DEATH AT ALL.

Neither Jesus, the Christ, Self, nor us can be corporeal & incorporeal at same time!
One is true, the other is long-held illusion.

God is ready to speak to you directly.
Are you willing to listen?
Renew your awareness of Christ and transition to immortality.

Isn’t it time to end this spiritual drought?
You’re awake, right?
One with God is a majority!
Don’t underestimate ur contribution.

●●●●● Religion has committed spiritual suicide.
It has taught us to embrace its monstrous fabrications, the worst of which is “Thou shalt not listen to I-Spirit directly”.

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
[Religion puts this promise off in future.]

Got a problem?
Face it with your Christ-mind.
How? Be still and recognize that if God didn’t create it, it isn’t real.

Beginning to see perfection all around you?
You can bring into your own life’s manifestations through ur illuminated consciousness

Looking for other-worldly astro-projection gold fairy dust to get you grounded in realm of Spirit?

you could catch an unwanted thought going thru your mind & reel it in, tell it in no uncertain terms what’s what!

Let’s get out of human hangups, the mortal mode, the physical realm and opt for the spiritual life of perfect freedom, non-duality