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No longer teachable?

Are you no longer teachable?
Are you so far above all the rest?
Have you a special title and position?
Are the rest of them unenlightened?
Are you gathering them all around you?
Do you never entertain selfish thoughts?
Have you forgotten the infallible key?
Just asking.

To help or not to help

A Question that’s burning in my mind:
Sometimes those who are suffering say
It’s Not Helpful to hear of others
Who’ve overcome the malady.
They assume the one trying to help
Is gloating or self-promoting.
But how can one help them
If they’ve had no experience
That proves their claim? Besides,
Bending over backwards to be super
Tactful, their entire message is lost.

Ego – so hard to let go of

One is NOT motivated to release the EGO until one has identified it as the source of all their PAIN and MISERY. Even then some will choose to keep it since it is all they have ever known and they have grown used to SUFFERING and consider suffering to be a normal vestige of life, itself.
~Albert Joseph Jefferson
When the EGO goes it will be INSTANTLY seen that SADNESS and FEAR were but DREAMS.

Albert Joseph Jefferson
See life as a BLESSING, an ADVENTURE, with no HARM intended, and sit back and watch the whole Universe Prove You absolutely CORRECT in everything you see.
Albert Joseph Jefferson
Albert Joseph Jefferson