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Mysticism vs. religion

When we speak of mysticism we speak of experiential knowledge of God, not just a left brain mental belief system. A mystical experience is a grasp of the whole by the whole. That’s what makes it so transformative. God is another name for the heart or center of everything and it’s sole source of connectedness. When you say you love God, you are saying you love everything. Immature religion, fundamentalism, is an excuse for not loving a whole bunch of things and reveals you have not had an authentic God experience. An authentic God experience produces two things at its core: quiet confidence as opposed to argumentative confidence, and joyous gratitude. That’s why mystics can love their enemies. They don’t make the distinctions that low-level religion makes. Low-level religion is mostly just tribal belief systems which hold the group together. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad place as we all need a tribal container to hold us in place long enough to discover the real questions and struggle with them. It’s this struggle that leads us out. Unless we realize bondage we don’t have a desire for freedom. Organized religion never answers the real questions the soul is asking. In fact organized religion wants to silence the questions unless they are on its list of acceptable questions, to which It holds the infallible answer that needs no further questioning.
~Stan Tyra

Abba, speak in Divine wordlessness*

When I ponder
God’s Omnipresence
Omniscience and Omnipotence
There are times my mind is Instantaneously freed to soar
And sing of His glories.
Other times, not so much.

Times I need to feel
His closeness, gently speaking
To the child of me,
Until I once again see:
The Christ in me
IS me
And I am He.

Abba, Papa, God in me
Speak in Divine wordlessness.
Calmly bring to remembrance
Your infinitude, Life and Love
Oneness, Allness, Is-ness,
I Am, Spirit and Soul,
The world knows not of.

Pure knowing – Rupert


In the world
I am the seen
In the seen
I am the seer
In the seer
I am the seeing
In the seeing
I am pure Knowing

As pure Knowing
I become the seeing
in the seeing
I become
the seer
as the seer
I see the seen
as the seen
I appear
as the world

~Rupert Spira

Bibliolatry crushes the inspired word of the Bible


We don’t place ourselves “under the authority of the Bible”.

Rather we got stuck in religion when we surrendered to the “authority” of another person’s interpretation of the Bible.

God is not a book. That’s called bibliolatry.

It was the Pharisees who were bibliolaters and placed their interpretations over relationships. The word Pharisee means separatist.

Here is the nuance. One will say, “I love people even if I disagree.” Perfect.

But in religion that can really mean “I really care about you that you are going to hell and I still see you as separate until you agree with me and join my club’s interpretation”.

Caring is a step forward but it still masks separation.

Consider the possibility that all were created equal. Everyone is my brother/sister. My “parish” is the world. There is only one human family, one God and Father of all who is above all, through all and in all. There is no us/them. There is only an illusion of separation which religion fosters.
~ Chuck Crisco

Just Don’t Do It!

Is this you?
You commune with the “I AM” of your being for some time. You feel really good and bask in it for awhile. Finally it’s time to set aside this joyous awakening and get back to the mundane.
In comes your number one intruder – right where your God-awareness used to be. You’re much stronger now thanks to your prior focus but, alas, all of that is starting to slip away. In a few more minutes that entire height that you attained earlier will be lost.
You’re gonna wanna fight me on this and that’s okay: give it yer best shot! I’ve done that scenario for years and years. My tear-stained face and battle scars will happily attest to my many, many ‘false starts’ before I finally got my act together.
JUST DON’T DO IT !!! . Don’t leave the plateau that you attained earlier. Make that your #1 priority – no matter what. IF YOU LEAVE IT YOU’LL LOSE IT : IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT !!!
Choosing instead not to compromise your former level of spiritual apprehension will put you in a place called “higher consciousness” and that’s a pretty wonderful place to be!

De-hypnotize and all the junk will flee!

When you decide the time has come to assume accountability for your mental state and determine to de-hypnotize your mind, God will jump in there big time and take over for you. All you need to do is maintain your determination. Be a fanatic! It wasn’t a mere little slip-up that filled your consciousness with devastating limitations – it was full-scale hypnotism.
Think of everything you know about this insidious destroyer of the spirit and nature of the real man. The first step is the comfy-cozy trance-like state, then all the horrific self-defeating, seductive suggestions rush in.
All you need to do is de-hypnotize! Claim your rightful heritage as a Son of God who cannot be fooled anymore. Procrastination is your only enemy now. Don’t decide to start thinking aright five minutes from now: do it now!