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……….…… P .. A .. U .. L …………….
RStarbuck, November 30, 2012
…..What an amazing human being! Brought up under the Old Covenant – the Mosaic Law – he pursued what he felt needed to be done, the extermination of the enemy, i.e., Christians. Can any of us imagine how he felt upon meeting Jesus in person – years after the Lord’s resurrection from the grave? If it had been me, I don’t know but I think I might have fainted dead away! A lot of good I would have been, right? Dead as a doornail! But I digress.
…..Jesus asked Paul why he was persecuting Him. You see, persecuting Christ’s followers was tantamount to persecuting Him. Paul suddenly found himself completely blind and needed to be guided back into the town where he miraculously got his sight back. Here’s where this story begins:
…..Paul was so profoundly smitten by his encounter with the Lord that it sustained him through unrelenting attacks on his person. Everywhere he went, Paul and his accomplices were severely beaten and/or stoned to within an inch of their lives and then imprisoned – all as a deterrent to their spreading Christianity.
…..What is most astonishing is the sheer joy Paul found in doing the Lord’s bidding without question. If Jesus had said “Jump!”, Paul would have said “How high?” He did everything at a level of ebullience that must have caused onlookers to conclude that he was insane. He was insanely in love with his Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Oh, how I long to have that degree of trust. Nothing else mattered to Paul: he was so humbled by being chosen to carry out his purpose in God’s plan.
…..The trials and tribulations that Paul faced daily were but “a light affliction” to him. Just one of the abuses he endured would have been a major Deal Breaker for me, but Paul goes around singing hymns and praising God.
…..This brings me to the real part of this story that I was hoping to impress you with: I’m really reluctant to tell you what it is because you are Bound To misconstrue it and miss a hugely important fact of Christianity: I ‘GET’ Paul. There, I said it. I get him. Flogged, beaten, stoned were of no event to him. He didn’t even have to pray that the stones might be softer in the next town that he was going to. After all, Stephen, the very first martyr, had had the distinct honor of seeing Jesus standing in front of him as he was being stoned to death. Paul would have changed places with Stephen in a heartbeat to die and be with God, but was quite content to stick with his divine assignment. And now we all have the Apostle Paul to thank for the better part of the New Testament.

Have you died to this world? I mean really given it up? Have you met with some persecution and wondered why it was nearly painless? Have things been shifting in strange ways, only to settle down in remarkable harmony? That’s the Holy Spirit loving you!

“Be not afraid: it is I”, said Jesus. We have but to rest in the infinitude of His be-ing, bouyed up with omnipotent Spirit. The world can shriek and sulk, but you are unmoved, unimpressed, undaunted and free – such is Papa’s love for his darling child: you.

Jesus, I got boo-boo!

“Awareness of God’s ever-presence will surely heal you.”
TODDLER: W-a-a-a-a-h, I got boo-boo :'(
“You don’t need to do anything, just open your consciousness to the realm of the eternal.”
TODDLER: W-a-a-a-a-h, my tummy hurts!
“God loves you and lives on the inside of you!”
TODDLER: W-a-a-a-a-h, W-a-a-a-a-h, W-a-a-a-a-h!!!
TODDLER: W-a-a-a-a-h, W-a-a-a-a-h.
“Did you know you can talk to Jesus and he will talk to you?”
TODDLER: Jesus, I got boo-boo!
Jesus: You tell boo-boo to go bye-bye cuz you’re busy talking to Jesus.
TODDLER: Hahahaha! Boo-boo all gone!

Five problems instantaneously healed!

God lives on the inside of us, right? So, we don’t have to prevail upon Him to please come down and give us some favor, right? And when we find ourself beset with an inexplicable problem, we need only attune our consciousness to the realm of Spirit to have it melt in an influx of light, right? And when it doesn’t, then what? And while we’re pondering that, what if another problem digs its roots in? And, another? I found myself with no less than five irritating and distressing problems this morning. I wanted to just give up – so great was the mesmeric hold they had on me! In utter desperation, I silently cried “JESUS HELP!!!”
I swear to you, by all that’s holy, every single one of them got instantaneously healed!!! I’m walking on air! One problem was so annoying – with my server. Another was a relationship issue. A third was with a credit card. Ugh! Next was a technical one with the ‘puter. The fifth was some physical yukkiness. Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! And, gone! All healed by noon. Can anybody tell me what in the world’s going on?

Just for you

Where you’re at
Is just exactly right.
God may or may not
Have placed you there,
But one thing’s for certain:
He can use it … and you
… and everything you’ve
Ever faced, or done, or not done.
It’s the stuff – the clay, if you will –
And He’s fashioning it anew
Right now, just for you.

If I should ask You
To please come to me…
Come to my mind…
And my heart…
You’d be patient, right?
I should know better.
I should have known
You’re always within me –
Closer than my breathing.
But You’d be patient, right?
ANSWER: You mustn’t flip on Me.
We need to help others
To come fully into the light.
They’re always beseeching Me
To do what I’ve already done,
So, when they “invite” Me like that …
Well, it’s pretty good …,
So I smile.

When I was in smarmy mindset
While back, fulla nasty
Half-baked notions
Of all God isn’t,
How I loved to
Dark humor
More sarcasm
Focusing what’s wrong,
I wondered why the joyless life?