Five problems instantaneously healed!

God lives on the inside of us, right? So, we don’t have to prevail upon Him to please come down and give us some favor, right? And when we find ourself beset with an inexplicable problem, we need only attune our consciousness to the realm of Spirit to have it melt in an influx of light, right? And when it doesn’t, then what? And while we’re pondering that, what if another problem digs its roots in? And, another? I found myself with no less than five irritating and distressing problems this morning. I wanted to just give up – so great was the mesmeric hold they had on me! In utter desperation, I silently cried “JESUS HELP!!!”
I swear to you, by all that’s holy, every single one of them got instantaneously healed!!! I’m walking on air! One problem was so annoying – with my server. Another was a relationship issue. A third was with a credit card. Ugh! Next was a technical one with the ‘puter. The fifth was some physical yukkiness. Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! And, gone! All healed by noon. Can anybody tell me what in the world’s going on?