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Doesn’t take long to cave…


You’re probably one of the most astute
Followers of Christ known to man
But it’s not getting you much at all.
You’ve done more, surrendered more
Kept on the straight and narrow.

After many, many hours of receiving
And communing you’re finally ready
To take a break, put on TV and kick back.
Amazing how quickly you’re sucked into
Dramas of sex, booze & snide remarks!

Since when was it okay for you to side
With the criminal who gets the girl?
How is it suddenly congenial to see all
Those people as beyond hope or care?
Where did you disappear to in a flash?

You’re taking in a lot of poison
But hey that’s okay it’s only temporary
You’ll be back on track shortly
Pick up where you left off, adamantly
Denying aforementioned intruders….

Hah!! Ever wondered how it was
They fit so snugly into the huge gaping
Wide open arena you once called
Your intimate conscious awareness of
All things connected, perfect and free?

De-hypnotize and all the junk will flee!

When you decide the time has come to assume accountability for your mental state and determine to de-hypnotize your mind, God will jump in there big time and take over for you. All you need to do is maintain your determination. Be a fanatic! It wasn’t a mere little slip-up that filled your consciousness with devastating limitations – it was full-scale hypnotism.
Think of everything you know about this insidious destroyer of the spirit and nature of the real man. The first step is the comfy-cozy trance-like state, then all the horrific self-defeating, seductive suggestions rush in.
All you need to do is de-hypnotize! Claim your rightful heritage as a Son of God who cannot be fooled anymore. Procrastination is your only enemy now. Don’t decide to start thinking aright five minutes from now: do it now!