Skeptics must stop pulling everything down.

WHAT IF skeptics were to
Make a firm decision not to
Question the Spiritual by pulling it
Down into the material realm and
Examining it from the wrong
Standpoint anymore?
God never intended us to be
So cut off and separated
As we SEEM TO BE in a
Dimension of thought
So lowly and beneath us.

Yes. Case in point. What religion does in trying to assure and comfort us, is actually to hold us down in this lower dimension of thought. Religion gives the thoughts of the mind a new name, calling it Belief. What we’re not told, is Belief is not the same as inner transformation or inner realization. The result is, intellectually we know things, but spiritually we have no awareness of the truth of our being.
~Frank Johnson

I caught myself thinking “I wonder what it’s like knowing stuff but having no experience of them?” Then, oops! that was me until I read and heard often enough (from ppl like us) that it’s gotta go much, much deeper. And then BOOM !! amazing things began to happen! Your juxtaposition, Frank, of belief vs inner realization just may hit some sleepy reader between the eyes! The second step of course occurs between the ears!!

Where’s the soup?*

Where’s the soup?*
September 16, 2017QUANTUM DIMENSIONS of HEALING: You can heal yourself – BOOK Edit
The words alphabet soup conjure up visions of the ABCs swimming in consommé. Yet, when scientists talk about a prebiotic soup, technical terms define the content and make the soup much more difficult to describe. The assumption that a vast pool of concentrated prebiotic molecules on early Earth must have brewed for a very long period of time serves as the popular explanation for life’s origin. But, what ingredients did such a prebiotic soup contain? Or did one even exist? Examining scientific clues for a prebiotic soup leads to another essential “fact of life.”According to the naturalistic explanation, the waters of the world were filled with amino acids, sugars, and others compounds that form the building blocks of life. New research now permits a look back in time to see which of these building blocks might have been an ingredient in the legendary prebiotic soup—if one actually existed.

Research over the past fifty years has failed to produce a viable explanation for self-assembly of prebiotic compounds on or in Earth.

Fazale Rana & Hugh Ross
Origins of Life