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God is all. More modern way = God is One

I believe that God is All. The more modern way to say that is God is One. He is at once within us and in another realm. We can experience healings in our lives by becoming more and more aware of Him, His Son, His kingdom, His love, His omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. People so often just don’t go far enough or for long enough.


I have clung to the concept of Oneness since very early childhood and it’s so much a part of me that I’m at a loss to describe it.
Even though I grew up desperately needing and receiving an awareness of God’s (and therefore my) oneness, I have also enjoyed periods of further enlightenment. A case in point is the realization that God’s own Self-description, I AM, taken in conjunction with the understanding that He is all leads the astute student to unravel the fact that “I Am.” is a complete sentence, needing no complement. Everywhere we look – within and without – we see God, unqualified and perfect.
When we say “God is Love” we limit God. When we say “God is all” we limit God. When we say “I AM.”, we’ve said it all because we’re referring to the infinitude of ONE.

Oneness is amazing*


Getting all mixed up?
Some say do your level best.
Others say do nothing, just rest.
Some say Jesus is coming soon.
Others say he’s already here.
Some say press on, press on.
Others say that engenders fear.
And then the devil needs rebuking.
Or was it 2000 years ago.

You’ve got a bucket full of problems.
Feeling guilty for self-indulgence.
Mind is racing, answers not.
There’s no need for any mix up.
When you know God’s in you.
Living through you, AS you.
Every single issue fades away.
With You loving, You living.
You telling everyone in your mind.
Just how unspeakably amazing.
God’s ONENESS really is.

Oneness vs. The Hand of God*

Oneness vs. The Hand of God
WHY DOES MANKIND INSIST – THOUSANDS OF YEARS AFTER THE FACT – that the Scriptures are written for and about us? Like Jonah in the sea mammal’s belly thought about how elucidating it would be for Robin if he drove home the point that he should have gone directly to Nineveh! Maybe, just maybe, our superheroes of yesteryear were more interested in their mere survival than in relating a miraculous account of God’s Hand reaching through the parchment to shake a finger at us. Surely, we can become inspired and edified by reading all about people’s journeys God-ward but we mustn’t add our own flavor and drama of idolatry. We choose books to read and TV programs to watch that resonate with us: they go inside and tickle our ears from within. And we have the audacity to judge their veracity solely based on our innermosts.

Universal Oneness*

Extra-dimensionality answers earthbound problems
“Why do I concern myself so much with the origin and underpinnings of the UNI-VERSE?” you may rightfully ask. In fact, I care very deeply about the rift that has emerged – and is spreading – between different Christian factions. If all Christians would look up – way, way up – they’d dis-cover that eternal, immortal, omnipotent God has the absolutely perfect spiritual answer to every possible question, and infinitely more. God is, after all, entirely spiritual, perfect and eternal. Issues being debated, on the other hand, aren’t. As a matter of fact, anything less than eternal is as fleeting as a gossamer web. Redemption is one example of an attribute of the eternal: it cannot be messed with by our multifarious reinterpretations. Given freely to mankind by God, setting up a new covenant, redemption simply is. Salvation can be argued about til the cows come home, but nothing we might do or conclude can contribute one jot or one tittle in the infinite scheme of things. Jesus acted in a dimension beyond our meager comprehension when he calmed the storm, fed the multitudes, transported himself through locked doors and healed untold millions. Thank God he could and did! God’s love for us supercedes any victory that may be gleaned by quarreling over scriptures. We treat other ‘Christians’ like pariah because they’re following a different track (albeit temporarily) than ours. But God, in his multi-dimensional existence can smooth everything out in the blink of an eye. We just need to lift our sights high enough.

God’s Oneness*

EVERYTIME YOU TURN OFF THE WORLD in your mind and just listen to ME speaking to you directly from the inside – everytime you keep listening no matter what the distractions, everytime you turn your back on the slightest interruption and listen to Me with your whole heart, soul, mind, I will tell you great and wonderful things specifically for you in your life. May I begin by saying let’s call it Our life – the life that you and I share as one being and the reason that I am always with you. I love you; I have always loved you and I always will. We have great and wonderful things to do together as one person. We can start by recognizing that our vision is perfect and we can “see” our every-brother as he was created: pure and perfect, like us. We can hear with the same measure of perfection that God gave us from before the beginning of time: we can demonstrate it here and now. We are healed and whole, just as we were always intended to be.

Oneness as destination and present reality*

Dear God,
You know that I know that You and I are One, but I write in this manner to indicate to others that as they strive to become more and more aware of their Oneness with you, they can share their progress and be encouraged by that of their friends.
We are ONE – You and I – and, as unspeakably wonderful as that is, it’s sometimes hard to wrap my mind around. It’s not only the awesome aspect of being at One with You that’s so hard to process but also how to relate to You as One with me. I wish I could speak coherently to everyone who really wants to hear about this literal earth-shattering reality. Who is the “I” that is nearly overwhelmed by Your all-consuming fire, and who is the “You” that is bigger than the universe itself and how are we now chatting like bff’s (best friends forever), mostly to show our friends that they’re not alone in this magnificent maze?
You’ve told me clearly that I don’t need to settle for calling things that I’ve yet to sort out a mere “mystery”; so I want to be exposed, stripped, vulnerable right here now and ask that You draw me in further and reveal to me – in this fleeting medium called human language – just how I might stay … with You … as One. I feel You’re wanting to reveal to me that we are infinitely better than two unequals meshing together – but always two unequals. Just as You include me, I include you. Remember, I’m asking for language – simple, unpuffed up language. Make our Marriage Complete by letting me no longer wonder how to take Our Self to the world. Let me no longer be impressed one iota with ANYTHING that is unlike You … … … I mean Us. That’s it!!! We are One. The royal “We” includes no inner division.
Whenever I feel eerily estranged from our Oneness, I’ll assert that We cannot be estranged from Ourself, We know all we ever need to know, We see into the realms Jesus trod, We see Your/Our kingdom as it is … now! Now we know the only “We”, “I”, “Us”, “One”, “You&me” = God, me.

Our Oneness*

– – – – – – – – – – –
The truth will make you free. It will free your heart. It will free your soul. It will free your mind. You will not have to walk in that bondage of the fear of separation from God for the rest of your life like Israel did and like so many millions of modern day people do today. And when that fear is gone, the heart, the soul, the mind become a much healthier place. They become a place that can deal with what life serves up because it is infused with and exposed to the power of God. It is immersed (or baptized) with the truth. It is immersed with that is produced from knowing our relationship with God is settled forever. You never, and I mean never, have to be concerned about you and God ever again. You can be absolutely confident about it.
the gospel according to Mike
Mike Williams


When we understand we are one we go in and out no more… What is is… no matter what the natural looks or feels like… There is no longer a secret place but the flowing of pure love… This isn’t always pretty yet exactly what is needed at the moment for ones advancement and understanding…the good for all❤❤❤❤
~Sally Lewis