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Just Don’t Do It!

Is this you?
You commune with the “I AM” of your being for some time. You feel really good and bask in it for awhile. Finally it’s time to set aside this joyous awakening and get back to the mundane.
In comes your number one intruder – right where your God-awareness used to be. You’re much stronger now thanks to your prior focus but, alas, all of that is starting to slip away. In a few more minutes that entire height that you attained earlier will be lost.
You’re gonna wanna fight me on this and that’s okay: give it yer best shot! I’ve done that scenario for years and years. My tear-stained face and battle scars will happily attest to my many, many ‘false starts’ before I finally got my act together.
JUST DON’T DO IT !!! . Don’t leave the plateau that you attained earlier. Make that your #1 priority – no matter what. IF YOU LEAVE IT YOU’LL LOSE IT : IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT !!!
Choosing instead not to compromise your former level of spiritual apprehension will put you in a place called “higher consciousness” and that’s a pretty wonderful place to be!

God-as-me fends off enemy to healing

If you’re the least bit new at this healing stuff, here is a caveat: after getting yourself fully immersed in that wonderful wonderful Spirit, you’ll need to fend-off your usual barrage of negative thoughts that keep coming at you. You can do so by simply reaffirming reaffirming say it again say it again “I am God-as-me”. That kinda takes care of everything else!

Unwanted thoughts – get ’em out!

An unwanted thought
Dropped into my head.
In the past I would’ve said “Get out –
You’re no part of me!”
Well, guess what?
I can do it even better now!
I give it the cold shoulder
To the nth degree
Like nothing has ever occurred
‘Cause, guess what?
Nothing has!

Once in a blue moon an issue may need 2 steps – one to identify & dump it, the other to replace it with the Truth. It’s so wonderful when we are ready to take your single step approach – it saves a lot of heartache, but sometimes even Jesus Himself may tell you that a certain insidious and/or hypnotic thought has no power over you.

TREATING UNWANTED THOUGHTS: One step or two – it’s up to you!
This is such a great example of steps of progress in one isolated area of a person’s spiritual growth. If an ungodlike thought dares to rear its ugly head, tell it (1) “You’re no part of me. I don’t approve of you so get out!!” (2) “What I really believe is …”
Do that assiduously for quite awhile and finally all you have to do is give the unwanted thought the cold shoulder!!!