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God-as-me fends off enemy to healing

If you’re the least bit new at this healing stuff, here is a caveat: after getting yourself fully immersed in that wonderful wonderful Spirit, you’ll need to fend-off your usual barrage of negative thoughts that keep coming at you. You can do so by simply reaffirming reaffirming say it again say it again “I am God-as-me”. That kinda takes care of everything else!

Unwanted thoughts – get ’em out!

An unwanted thought
Dropped into my head.
In the past I would’ve said “Get out –
You’re no part of me!”
Well, guess what?
I can do it even better now!
I give it the cold shoulder
To the nth degree
Like nothing has ever occurred
‘Cause, guess what?
Nothing has!

Once in a blue moon an issue may need 2 steps – one to identify & dump it, the other to replace it with the Truth. It’s so wonderful when we are ready to take your single step approach – it saves a lot of heartache, but sometimes even Jesus Himself may tell you that a certain insidious and/or hypnotic thought has no power over you.

TREATING UNWANTED THOUGHTS: One step or two – it’s up to you!
This is such a great example of steps of progress in one isolated area of a person’s spiritual growth. If an ungodlike thought dares to rear its ugly head, tell it (1) “You’re no part of me. I don’t approve of you so get out!!” (2) “What I really believe is …”
Do that assiduously for quite awhile and finally all you have to do is give the unwanted thought the cold shoulder!!!