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Go radical in becoming love – CCrisco

Words of wisdom from Chuck Crisco, the LOVE DOCTOR:
“Go radical in becoming love to everyone in every situation. Abandon all your excuses. You will receive back, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing! Saturate your world with love and it will give it back. Love yourself as a humble gift that the world needs. Love the products that you sell, or the ideas that you possess. Love people for their sake. Feel like you aren’t getting love? Go share it with someone and see what happens. The feeling of love is best felt as it is passing THROUGH you. When you walk by someone on the sidewalk speak a blessing over their life. Pray for those who hurt you. Let good overcome evil. Love your dream. Talk about how much you love your dream to others. It may take a day, a week, or a year. No one knows the exact timing, but what you sow in love will become your reality and you will not only live and love your dream, you will live and love life again!” ~Chuck Crisco,

Yesterday I pushed myself and walked into a room of strangers, 8 or 10 college kids working in a conference room at a hotel.
I told them I had a message for one of them, a word from a higher source they needed to hear.
I explained to these strangers that poems and songs run through my mind a lot and sometimes I write them down.
I told them I felt compelled to ding the “right group” to share it with and THEY were it.
One girl, amidst the silent faces, said, “Please read it.”
I shared this poem:

You know what’ll turn things from GOOD to BAD?
Dwelling on the past, times that are sad.
All the things you coulda done, shoulda done, woulda done
If you’d simply thought it through,
In hindsight, you knew what to do
You had a temporary lapse
Of judgement where your soul collapsed
And you did things you’d never do
It wasn’t real…. it wasn’t You!
And, if of course you had a way
To un-sing songs that you did sing
Or un-blow trumpets you have blown
You’d fix it, every single thing!
But that ship sailed over the horizon
It’s time to set and keep your eyes on
A way is being made, and how!
Forget the past, don’t let it last!
Your opportunities are vast
And if you’ll focus on what’s near
An open door will be made clear
It’s happening! I see, It’s here!
And, yes, you will know what to do
That’s why I wrote this word to you!

Afterwards…. Immediately I turned to go without waiting for any feedback.
I wouldn’t have a clue about the accuracy or effectiveness of this endeavor….. except for the part where the young man was crying and being consoled by the others.
I love the mystery and excitement that is found in the lives of those who dare to step out of our comfort zone and into the boundaries of others to bless, strengthen and encourage them.
You are a RIVER OF LIFE!
~Robert Rutherford

IRMA and other hurricanes

The technical aspect that I struggle to convey is that the APPLICATION of our mountain-moving (and by extrapolation, hurricane-moving) is to go immediately into the Spiritual realm (of God) and stay there. No peeking! I don’t mean to be flippant about such a huge issue. I mean to be huge about it!


– – – – – – – –
Each of the four space-time dimensions of the physical universe is independent of the others. For example, in the length dimension we can extend a line as long or as short as we like without affecting any measures in the width, height, or time dimensions. Similarly, lines can be extended as far as we want, even infinitely far, along each of the dimensions of width, height, and time without affecting measurements in the other three dimensions. This independence means that each dimension always must be exactly perpendicular—exactly at a ninety-degree angle—to all the other dimensions (in Euclidean geometries).
~ Beyond the Cosmos,
Dr. Hugh Ross, Ph.D.

Think of Loving by Wendi Giles

Think of as many reasons as you can to love people just as they are, rather than using excuses (even your interpretation of the Bible) not to, & watch your heart sink in the ocean of Love!

Disclaimer: You just might realize how much religion your caught up in & want to get the heck out! 😳😂😜💯🌈

Wendi Giles

Revisiting unbelief (re. healing, not salvation)

I know this is not exactly fun and games but could we revisit the concept of unbelief? It’s one of those words that, when linked to salvation, has become a highly debated hot topic.
Let’s take it out of the salvation paradigm for a moment and look at it as it applies to the subject of healing. God is always ready for healing, quite frankly, because healing emanates from His very Substance – from the fact that He always was, in all His perfection, pure Spirit.
No! No! No, that does not distance us one iota: He’s right here – right where you are – whether you like it, recognize it, or not!
So how in the world do you make contact? With the exception of “in the world” that’s an excellent question! The primary need is to establish a connection and that is not done in the world!
The good news is that He lives on the inside of us – in us, through us and AS us! Pretty nifty indeed! But believing it sufficiently for it to make a difference – now that’s a whole ‘nother thing. That’s where we’d want to do a little delving into the literature, videos, blogs – whatever will teach us about the very nature and essence of our precious Father, God.
We need to finally know beyond a shadow of doubt that we have been wrong about God for a very long time. We harbored many, many, many thoughts about other ‘powers that be’ never knowing that they ‘be not’!! We’ve been looking for answers from just about any imaginable place except Him for years and years, oblivious to the fact that these places vie for absence of God in every way conceivable.
So, we can’t just change our mind and protest the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of God right now? Well, we can, but how much do we mean it?

When you go back down

When you go back down – notice I said ‘when’ and not ‘if’ – into the muck and mire (translation: into the worldly realm of problems and besetments), what to do? What to do?
Answer: GET OUT !!! . With all due haste! Whatever it takes. “YourName” doesn’t live here anymore!
D-e-e-e-e-p breath now – draw in (in-spire) all of God’s love. That’s it! – you’ve arrived. How do you do!!!