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Life vs. Ego – Mooji

Life has its own life.
It flows along its own course
in spite of the ever restless
projections of the ego.
The apparent autonomy of the ego is,
unknown to itself, included inside
the cosmic current of existence,
for, in Truth, none can act independently
or contrary to the will of
the Supreme Being.
~ Mooji

Spirit is more exciting

This may be a robinism coz I never saw it written but I’ve been at this stuff a very long time: our human (mortal) lives are full of color and drama and memories and relationships, so they seem sooo real. We try to flesh out the Spirit realm with the only thing we know. What we fail to realize is that Spirit is infinitely more colorful, rich, dramatic, exciting and restful than we with our little peanut-sized brains could fathom.

I am water!


If a drop of water were to declare
“I am water!”
would everyone ask it
“How can you make such a
brazen statement about yourself?
Did you create the oceans
and the ships upon them?
Did you divine a way to freeze
and then evaporate yourself?
Are you greater than
Almighty Water?”

You have heard that you must
deny the thoughts from the
carnal mind, then add truth.
Try this if you’re ready: skip the denial.
Immediately flood your precious mind
with Truth, Truth, Truth.
In other words, don’t give that ol’
bugaboo the right time of day!
Don’t stay where you don’t want to be
One moment longer!

God will take over & things’ll get sweet

This hints at something I want to write about today, namely: YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT THE FULL PRIZE, LIVING FULLY AWARE OF SPIRIT, BUT CAN’T QUITE SEEM TO GET THERE? My best advice: Do it humanly. Be prepared … finally … for probably the first time ever … to put all your eggs in one basket. Do the human shutting out, ushering in, shutting out, quieting, quieting, quieting. Be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SHUT OUT HUMAN SENSE, WORLD-MIND. God will step in and take over for you … and that’s when things’ll start really getting sweet!!!

Have you died to this world? I mean really given it up? Have you met with some persecution and wondered why it was nearly painless? Have things been shifting in strange ways, only to settle down in remarkable harmony? That’s the Holy Spirit loving you!

“Be not afraid: it is I”, said Jesus. We have but to rest in the infinitude of His be-ing, bouyed up with omnipotent Spirit. The world can shriek and sulk, but you are unmoved, unimpressed, undaunted and free – such is Papa’s love for his darling child: you.

Attaining heights, slipping a little

Have you experienced what felt like
a complete final breakthrough
in which immense spiritual love
pretty nearly overwhelmed you?
Were you quite sure in the face of
such ineffable joy that the cares of
the world had had their last hurrah?

And then, finally, you “needed to”
come back and “face the world”
again at which time you “had to”
assume your “usual place” in it?
And all too swiftly the cherished
position, the pinnacle, evaporated?

I defy you to look again.
Look right at the point you had attained.
You see, it’s still there!!!
It’s gonna need some nurturing now
to bring it fully back and maintain it.
But be sure of this: it is still there.

Be still and know – Etter

Psalms 46:10 – there is no coming if one truly understands what it means to merely be still, to even silence the mind and BE in His presence. The “know” in this passage implies not a thought process but rather a knowing without the need for thought. to simply quiet the very inner presence and be aware.
~Ken Etter

As you learn to live with Christ in you, you are taken into the still waters; the KINGDOM OF NON-VIBRATION, in which world thought cannot move through you because you are in a state of no thought. Your NON-THOUGHT TAKES YOU OUT OF THE EMOTIONS, out of the mind, out of the material world of vibration into the NON-VIBRATING PERFECT SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE where all is one.
~Herb Fitch
(caps mine)

Not quasi-physical vibrations of any frequency

All motion, all time, all space, all material consciousness is the relationship of one set of vibrations to another set and that is not the world that Christ Jesus walked in. He discovered another world where there is no vibration. My Kingdom is not a world of vibration.
~Herb Fitch
The Revelation of
Saint John the Divine

Mystic vs New Age

Dan Shaffer:
FrankJohnson’s (my favorite mystic)
Response to those who think my writings are “new age”.
Too good not to share!

Frank Johnson:
“I’ve experienced the “New Age” response far too many times. This is apparently the ‘go-to’ response that pastors will tell people when they don’t know what else to say. How quickly we seem to forget that Jesus was so radical in his day (in his spirituality), that he was called every name in the book, and then some. How do you tactfully explain to people, with an Old Testament mindset of blood sacrifice, etc., that most everything they have believed was wrong? The Christian church is no different. Instead of showing people how to awaken within to the Christ of their being, we hand them a bible and tell them to study. The mind then assumes an understanding, while within, there is no inner awakening or realization of the truth of our being. All we have done is to become an Old Testament church with a new vocabulary.”