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Having a hard time?

Try this:
[I don’t even know what I’m going to say. God told me to write, so here goes.]
Take one inspired Scripture or one direct revelation to you from God (they’re actually pretty much the same thing) and press it for all it’s worth.
For example, “Take no [human] thought for your life” because God has every possible answer to every possible need. Right now I think it would be safe to say that your thinking is open enough for God to speak directly to and through you. So, ask one sincere question such as “What about my ___?” Now listen.
Take no human thought means GET OUT !!! of the human realm (sorry I should’ve warned you!)
Choose right now whether you’re gonna give God a chance. He can’t be found in the realm of the flesh. Petition Him to come down till the cows come home – He ain’t moving! So you (we) have got to go up and out of this limited, fallible, self-defeating mindset – clear out of this mind altogether.
If the concept of God, His kingdom, the mind of Christ, I AM, Oneness being INSIDE OF YOU is a little strange to you then I’ve got REALLY GOOD NEWS for you: it’s here and it heals big time!
Meditate on it – it’s a whole new mindset, a whole new life! Be courageous right now and leave your whole former life – like the other 12 disciples had to – leave all ego-related issues in the ash-heap that is mortal mind and determine to hear only God. (I can almost see you sailing past me on this ‘coz I’ve got some junk keeps popping up, but remember it was Father who said to me: “Write!”)
This message – that you can and must leave all contrary arguments (as I must) – will bring you to heights of spiritual awareness heretofore unknown.

Spirit is more exciting

This may be a robinism coz I never saw it written but I’ve been at this stuff a very long time: our human (mortal) lives are full of color and drama and memories and relationships, so they seem sooo real. We try to flesh out the Spirit realm with the only thing we know. What we fail to realize is that Spirit is infinitely more colorful, rich, dramatic, exciting and restful than we with our little peanut-sized brains could fathom.

So many issues – bring a shovel

THERE ARE SO MANY ISSUES I want you to help me with.
I need to meet with you to discuss them.
I know I’ll need a lot of time, a lot of help.
I’m willing to pay for your time and knowledge.

You have two choices: the first one is to bring lots of money and a good shovel.

Why a shovel? And what’s the second choice?

The former is to shovel out all the darkness. The latter is to simply turn on the light.

Better than Eros


In the physical realm
It’s nearly impossible
To fathom the depths of
I Am, Consciousness.
Titillating rapturous
Fleeting peaks pale
To fully grasp the Permanent.

Never collapsing, unrequited,
Whimsical, spent or sadly gone
But a sublime knowing infinite
Eternal happening now to
Kiss the joy as it stays
Alive, forever, in conscious rays.

That place-less place
Where awareness resides
Never sneaks off on fleeting hayrides!
Experiences that seem to be
Bodily in origin are Separate
Superimposed Self clinging for life.

Hunger not for the unreal
The latest trap within another.
Infinite Consciousness IS Now
As it has always been, unfettered.
The very “I” that never yearns –
Ever fullfilled, truly Passionate Love.

Rouse yourself

was racing through
my mind last night.
“But why?” I queried.
“I want to sleep.”
Reluctantly, obediently
I arose, shook off
The intruding quasi-thoughts
Replaced them with
Divine assurance and
Got back in bed.
This morning I awoke
More alert, better equipped
From the sweetest sleep
I had ever known.

Healing journal – in twenties – all healed

When I was in my late twenties, I started a healing journal. I wrote out about 6 or 7 issues and my spiritual ‘treatment’ for each in shorthand. I included Bible verses, what I prayed or asserted and God’s responses.

One year later, on New Year’s Eve, I found myself in a flood of tears of great, great thankfulness: every single “issue” had been thoroughly and completely healed!!!

Since then I’ve learned – little by little, step by step – how to give these treatments instantaneously – faster than I could ever write them out! Responses come oftentimes before the question formulates.

I = God.
“Be still
And know
That I AM God!”
Be still.
“I will never
leave thee
Nor forsake thee.”
I = us.

Beyond “Well done, good and faithful servant”!

Do you wake up in the morning and with great alertness and due diligence negate the thoughts that fly at you which you don’t approve of? Then without losing a beat, you affirm and affirm all the glories of God that you know to be in their stead? Until you hear that sweet, sweet voice “Well done good and faithful servant”?
Well someday you’re bound to wake up to something like this: “YOU HAVE BEEN DOING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY!! You are such a joy to Me. Your consistency in the Spirit is truly wonderful and I, God, appreciate YOU !!

Don’t believe the excuses

How many excuses
Are out there vying
For your attention
Claiming that dis-ease
Is real, powerful and
Downright adament?
Don’t be impressed.
Be tougher because
You Are Tougher!
God in the fulness
Of His glory
Is inside of you.
How can you see Him?
Look in the mirror.
Breathe in His pure Spirit
And realize you’re just as
Spiritual as He is.

Wandered off again? *

Have you wandered off
Just a little bit
And felt like nothing is
Or ever was
Quite right?

Who are you to think
That in a flash
You could be right back on target?
You could turn – not so much away
From loveless, lifeless darkness
You could, right this very instant, turn
To the Light.

Now everything”s become
Unspeakably beautiful
Full of love and joy
And unending recognition
Of who it is
That you are!

Wanting to reach you

This is dedicated to the “YOU” out there
That I keep wanting to reach.
I’m frustrated.
I want to get something across to you
And I need your help in getting it there.
I want sooo badly for you to see God
For the first time, BE–ING your answer,
Being within you,
Being better than every ‘thing’
You ever ‘pray’ for.
You don’t need to ‘do’ anything
Or even to ‘believe’ anything
To make it true.
The clincher: [A need for you to do, think, or believe anything
Means it is about your effort after all.]
It’s much, much, much better than that!
It’s all about God
In you
Only wake up and realize
What’s already here
And then ….. DON’T …
Don’t EVER …
Go back!
*The God mentioned above is only found through Jesus. This has nothing to do with New Age philosophy – namely that there are many ways to reach God. New Age authors Do Not Believe That Jesus Is The Only Way. They open the door to other gods. When you find unending confusion, unbridled moments of ecstasy and despair, a constant ebb and flow, mountains and valleys, you’ve probably entered that spirit realm that is Not Of God.
Go back then
to the beginning of this writing
with a newly-found love
Of Jesus.