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Constant inner watchfulness

[… I]n your fidelity to the Allness of God, you cannot also accept anything that denies the Allness of God. That should be clear. So you’ve got a constant inner prayer, a constant inner watchfulness without ceasing to know that God, being All, only perfection is. And the moment you have accepted the suggestion of imperfection anywhere in anyone, including in yourself, you are not being faithful to the One. And you’re in a separated sense of life. You’re back into the body of atoms. You’re living in the mortal sense of self and for you the Christ teaching has not taken root,

When did hypnotism begin?

God is All. You can’t have an imperfect world. It must end. You say, “Then why did it begin?” And the question should be, “When did the hypnosis begin?” Because the old world never was. It was a belief of that man in the body of atoms. There never was this world. There is only My Kingdom. And the realization that there never was this world is the revelation of the New Heaven and the New Earth. That’s when you change universes because you have changed Consciousness. You’ve been “transformed by the renewing of the mind.”38 You are regenerated. You are reborn into reality, and that is deathlessness.

~ Herb Fitch

A high state of consciousness

[…T]he false sense of self can be isolated, can be controlled, can be limited and finally can be denied. “Deny thyself.” Then you find yourself following in a different kind of a journey. You’re outside of the self, outside of the form. You’re not in the moment of time that is passing anymore. You’re not dying, you’re not aging, you’re not in the middle of karmic law. There’s a different “you,” and it’s not in a form at all. It’s a High state of Consciousness. The old self is dead, and there is a new Self there which is the only Self that ever was there. And until you have your experience with that Self, you’ll be in separated sense of self, which can never be sustained by the Father.
~ Herb Fitch

Your infinite realization

… You can live in the Infinite Self, looking within, and your entire life will unfold within your Infinite Realization. You will not be looking from the within to the without. You will not be looking at an external world outside of you. Everything that happens in Infinity, happens within Infinity. And we are all that One Infinite Divine Self, we will now see the world happen within that Infinite Self and under Infinite Law, to the degree that we are able to let ourselves make this change of Consciousness, from the finite, mortal, dying self to the Infinite Divine, undying Eternal Self, the One Life that ever was, and ever will be, and never began, and never will end. This is how you will come, ultimately, to that seventh step, which is the Christ Consciousness completely realized unto eternity.
~ Herb Fitch

New Song – HF

“And they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue and people and nation.” This new song has been called the new song of the Resurrection. This is the New Consciousness which no longer is subject to the mind of the world. It doesn’t sing the song that the world sings of good and evil. It sings the song of Truth that God is All, that Spirit is All. That in Him is Light and no darkness at all.
~Herb Fitch

Brought into alignment – HF

As Christ in you is realized, every facet of your being is brought into alignment […].There is a oneness, a One Mind, a One Substance, a One Being.The complete chain of command is made into a oneness. And in this Sonship or conscious union with the Father, every facet of your being is under the Will and perfection and power of the Infinite Spirit.
~Herb Fitch
The Revelation of
Saint John the Divine

Quantum and us – hf

QUANTUM PHYSICS IS FAST DISCOVERING THAT All around us right now, is a Kingdom where death does not exist, where there is not a single problem, where there is nothing as we know it with our human mind. There is a completely different universe present here now, in which none of the physical or mental images that we entertain are present.