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Clearing your mind

Think about the real you:
the “I” of you behind your eyes,
doing the thinking, feeling,
seeing, hearing, knowing.
That clear consciousness
The real you – Is God.
Now simply dwell on I Am
And feel yourself healing
From the deep inside – out!
See God seeing as you
Hearing, thinking, feeling
Knowing as you.
Now to maintain it:
No need to go to any strange
Other-worldly discipline.
Stay very comfortable
And explore the unutterable peace
That defines your God-self.
Cling to it and start to
Venture out a little bit …
Meet your very first
unwanted thought
With Correction based on
New-found ever-present being.
Tell IT what’s really true:
“I Am” is, was and will be
Forever here INSTEAD !
You’ll feel a new kind of love
Whose main quality is compassion
Flowing forth from tolerance,
Understanding and affection
Welling up in you, and healing
Everything there, then reaching out –
Not to grab – but to embrace, the world.

You have arrived!

You need to know now
That you have arrived.
Not a ticker-tape parade
But a knowing …
A deep, deep down knowing
That you’re here, you’re fully
Prepared, you’re ready
This IS your eternal life.

Nothing outside has changed
Not a thing. But you’re here.
You’ve always wanted to be
Right here – right where you are!
All the old stuff sits frozen
Unable to call the shots
Anymore. You’ve gotten to the
Place you’ve always dreamed of!

You could scream and shout
Hallelujah I’m here! Or, better yet
Just enjoy your brand new
Capacity to love.
This fulfilled dream of a lifetime
Cannot fluctuate, cannot fade
Cannot betray, cannot die.
Bask in it, sweet one, you’re here!

Spiritual measuring rod

I can’t tell you
strongly enough
how very very important
it is to have a spiritual
measuring rod
to guide you
through the maze
of new-old spiritual

The moment you find
the slightest trace
of personal sense
on your part or another’s,
beware: it shouldn’t be!
Don’t despair now
but do avail yourself
of that which pulls you
back to unconditional
all-inclusive Love.

Empty yourself completely
like you’ve never
ever thought possible
but when an unwanted
self-serving craving
comes a-knocking
remember your charge
includes only perfect man
– every-man – joined by
perfect infinite Love.

God is our very Life.

The entire revelation of Jesus is that God is our very Life. “When you see me, you see the Father” (Jesus). What then is missing, or why don’t we see this reality? We are not aware because our religious instruction is so shallow, and so poor; we are not shown how to let go of self and realize our true Nature as Jesus did. Believing is a good first step, but it is not the same as inner realization.
~Frank Johnson

God’s allness within

God’s purpose is not to make
this world hunky-dory for everyone.
His thoughts don’t begin at birth
and end at death.
And yet the kingdom of God
according to the Bible,
is in heaven and on Earth.

How this can be is only
discovered as we loosen our hold
on the fleeting and material,
dare to think without the box
and discover the realm of the real –
the realm of I AM, BE-ing, ONEness,
God’s allness within.

If you’re struggling with spiritual Truths
And basically think “so what?”
But realize you’re missing something,
Try this: God is Spirit
But this Spirit is right here
Closer to you than your breathing
More powerful than imaginable.
Because we’re talking “spiritual”
We can see that this realm
Is inside us: it’s God.
Start to dare to believe
And it’ll come clearer and clearer.
No one – especially not God –
Is trying to be confusing.
It’s just that the things of Spirit
Need a little leeway
Where human language is concerned.
Believe and dig more and
Then more clarification will come.
Jesus, Holy Spirit, God will take over now.

Frank Johnson quotes

Belief systems (religion) promote an image of ourselves and another separate image, called God. Under this paradigm, the struggle continues to be ours, to always do the right thing. There is a deeper reality that we don’t see, far different from what we learn in church. We need to change the imagery completely; namely, we need to realize that it is God, who is the LIFE (the only Life), and that Life is ever seeking to live through us. This can only be experienced when we are ready to let go of self. We don’t lose our sense of identity, but rather, we discover our true identity. We are not this body of flesh, but are one in God, just as Jesus demonstrated.
Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God was (always) within us. The Jews were living under the ‘spell’ of a false religious understanding, and simply were unaware of the life of the Spirit in them. Had the Spirit not been present, the person wouldn’t even exist. God is the only LIFE there is. “There is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all” (Paul).
Living from our old nature means we are still living from our finite, natural mind. We haven’t yet realized our true Nature, which is oneness in that same Spirit of Christ. Most Christians are taught to believe, but are never shown how to let go completely of self. As long as self is seen as real, God will remain simply a belief held by the mind.
“Body and Soul are created components though which Spirit expresses itself in a physical world (when realized). The body is obviously physical. The Soul is where we find mind or intellect, will and emotions. This is also where so-called psychic phenomena resides. The Soul has a lower (intellect) and a higher or psychic ability, which can be used for good or evil. The Soul is necessary for Spirit to be able to function in a physical world. Next is Spirit, and this is where church theology completely fails us. We are told we have a human spirit and in addition, there’s something else called the Holy Spirit. False. Jesus spoke of his oneness with the Father, but we just don’t get that, and it’s certainly not something attained through the mind (soul). Churches have completely destroyed the call of Jesus to be Born Again. That experience was meant to awaken us within to our true nature, which is God. But don’t misunderstand, it’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The finite mind has to let go in order for the infinite Spirit or that inner Awareness to emerge. I love the quote that states: “We are not having a divine experience, God is having a human experience”.
What happes when we don’t grow spiritually, is we often fail to realize that God is not just taking care of us, but that His Life is our Life. There never was any separation. Only the human mind believes in duality. Jesus said it so very clearly, “When you see me, you see the Father”. Jesus revealed in himself the model of reality.

~Frank Johnson

Brain worship debunked, Lol

There’s more to us and God than only an egotistical, highly fallible brain. The brain – if it’s a smart one (!) – can take you to that place where God, Spirit, takes over and reveals its multifarious dimensions and realms where miracles take place and human logic is no longer seen as the be-all and end-all of life.

Those little memes can’t spell out everything: some assumptions must be made