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Spiritual search is over

“THE GREATEST HAPPINESS I know that my search is over.
I am always consciously aware of the Presence of Spirit.
I have discovered the great reality.
I am awake to the realization of this Presence. There is but one life. Today I see it reflected in every form, back of every countenance, moving through every act.
Knowing that the divine Presence is in everyone I meet, the Spirit in all people, I salute the good in everyone. I recognize the God-life responding to me from every person I meet, from every event that transpires, in every circumstance in my experience. I feel the warmth and color of this Divine Presence forevermore pressing against me, forevermore welling up from within me- the wellspring of Eternal Being present in the eternal Now!-”
Ernest Holmes

Renew the mind – in a flash – Keathley

Absolutely love it – especially “instantaneous”! Looking back for a second I see how right you are: the revelations or illuminations never really came gradually; they were always the full result of having awoken. And it was always like a flash!

Renewing your mind is not a life long, never achieved process of religious gymnastics. The renewed mind happens with the instantaneous revelation, that you possess the mind of Christ, in the now.
~Don Keathley

When I look at you I see myself! – Magdi

Whenever I use the term I AM
I am referring to universal beingness/awareness
And not to a personal ego form

Thou are That
Universal beingness

When I look at you I see myself

It is important to clarify that being knowingly the Self does not make any person special. There is no separate self. All impressions of being special, whether it refers to me or some special someone else, are false.

We are all special
No one is special
Everything is special
Nothing is special

Truth is not at the mind level
It shines onto the mind
But it is not sourced in the mind. <3 ~Magdi Badawy

One heartbeat away from entirely Sprit – Welton

Many have stated that the spirit realm is just as real as the physical realm; this is in fact a huge understatement. The truth is that the spirit realm is far more real than the physical realm. In fact, if you were to die this very second while reading this book, you would immediately be dwelling in the spirit realm. You are one heartbeat away from existing entirely in the spirit realm. Yet some live their entire lives denying the existence of the spirit realm.
The School of the Seers
Dr. Jonathan Welton

Clearing your mind

Think about the real you:
the “I” of you behind your eyes,
doing the thinking, feeling,
seeing, hearing, knowing.
That clear consciousness
The real you – Is God.
Now simply dwell on I Am
And feel yourself healing
From the deep inside – out!
See God seeing as you
Hearing, thinking, feeling
Knowing as you.
Now to maintain it:
No need to go to any strange
Other-worldly discipline.
Stay very comfortable
And explore the unutterable peace
That defines your God-self.
Cling to it and start to
Venture out a little bit …
Meet your very first
unwanted thought
With Correction based on
New-found ever-present being.
Tell IT what’s really true:
“I Am” is, was and will be
Forever here INSTEAD !
You’ll feel a new kind of love
Whose main quality is compassion
Flowing forth from tolerance,
Understanding and affection
Welling up in you, and healing
Everything there, then reaching out –
Not to grab – but to embrace, the world.

You have arrived!

You need to know now
That you have arrived.
Not a ticker-tape parade
But a knowing …
A deep, deep down knowing
That you’re here, you’re fully
Prepared, you’re ready
This IS your eternal life.

Nothing outside has changed
Not a thing. But you’re here.
You’ve always wanted to be
Right here – right where you are!
All the old stuff sits frozen
Unable to call the shots
Anymore. You’ve gotten to the
Place you’ve always dreamed of!

You could scream and shout
Hallelujah I’m here! Or, better yet
Just enjoy your brand new
Capacity to love.
This fulfilled dream of a lifetime
Cannot fluctuate, cannot fade
Cannot betray, cannot die.
Bask in it, sweet one, you’re here!

Spiritual measuring rod

I can’t tell you
strongly enough
how very very important
it is to have a spiritual
measuring rod
to guide you
through the maze
of new-old spiritual

The moment you find
the slightest trace
of personal sense
on your part or another’s,
beware: it shouldn’t be!
Don’t despair now
but do avail yourself
of that which pulls you
back to unconditional
all-inclusive Love.

Empty yourself completely
like you’ve never
ever thought possible
but when an unwanted
self-serving craving
comes a-knocking
remember your charge
includes only perfect man
– every-man – joined by
perfect infinite Love.

God is our very Life.

The entire revelation of Jesus is that God is our very Life. “When you see me, you see the Father” (Jesus). What then is missing, or why don’t we see this reality? We are not aware because our religious instruction is so shallow, and so poor; we are not shown how to let go of self and realize our true Nature as Jesus did. Believing is a good first step, but it is not the same as inner realization.
~Frank Johnson