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Silence – Isha Das

Small Practices Bring Great Love

As our spirituality deepens, our subtle practices become increasingly important. Surely, nothing is more important than approaching life from a spirit of silence. Such silence is not the absence of noise but a prayerful watchfulness and a childlike openness to what is. Silence is the choice to not take ourselves and our opinions so seriously. Silence is embracing a degree of solitude, which can be as simple as turning off the car radio, the television, the iPhone, and the news. Silence is talking less and listening more. Silence is letting go of our psychological defenses. Silence is making room for both discomfort and joy. Silence is remaining content with moments of emptiness. Silence is bowing to the truth, without the need for commentary. Silence is trusting the process of God’s providence. Silence is breathing with awareness from the depths of our souls. Silence is paying attention to that still small voice percolating within our interior depths. Silence is the place where we encounter ourselves and God. “Silence is,” as Yogananda tells us, “the altar of Spirit.”

Isha Das

Welcome, Silence.

Truth at a greater level

Every once in a while – every couple of years – I discover that something wonderful that I’ve always believed … is true on a level much greater than I ever realized. God, Love, SPIRIT, is right there instead of any unpleasant situation We don’t need to try our level best to see it humanly. Not at all. It IS true in Spirit, God … which is all that there really is.
To be honest I don’t ever need to have any idea what the problem is at all. I only KnoW that God is there instead. The healing Power of seeing what’s Really true where all the “evidence” to the contrary looms large is phenomenal!