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Betrayal Zone – Rutherford

My head is still spinning
My heart is still reeling
I know I will never
Get past all the feelings
That come when you see
How their “final hand’s” played
Great is the pain when a man is betrayed
You could try and explain things
But, it falls on deaf ears
They’ve already decided which parts they will hear
And the 99% of the great things you’ve done
Disappear in the poison they pour on the “one.”
It doesn’t take much to rub the wrong way
What you DO or DON’T DO…. SAY or DON’T SAY!
Are all matters of little when minds are Infected
And every last thing you have done gets inspected.
If there could be ONE simple “sit down” to try
You could point out the truths and dispel all the lies
But, instead you are left simply “holding the bag”
With your righteousness dirtier than old filthy rags.
So you pack up your dreams and you trust what will be
Will somehow be better than what you could see
And you rub on the salve in the wound in your soul
and you picture a future that looks less than whole
and you make up your mind that the reasons and rhymes
Will, somehow be cleared up in Love’s perfect time.
You pick up your crown and you dust off your throne
And you try to convince yourself “you’re good, alone”
And you give thanks for, through this, the light that has shone
And you make up your mind to move on.
LIFE sucks…….in the BETRAYAL ZONE!
~ Robert Rutherford