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You are the perceiving presence, God consciousness.

What you are is not something that you perceive, you are the perceiving presence referred to as God consciousness.

Some wonder if there is a destination in the spiritual quest. The answer is yes there is. But this destination is what you truly are. It is available to you outside of the mind, outside of time and space.

You need to realize the destination that is already realized. You need to die into the Self that you are.

You may wonder ‘how could this be?’
You have relied on the mind for too long. It is time you dive into the heart.

Inquire into the truth without relying on the mind that is already conditioned. Do not rely on the past. Old beliefs are hurdles along the path.

You have all it takes to awaken to the Self.

You are what you seek. You have never been a mortal form. Forms appear to the infinite invisible, to the formless I AM.

Realize the Self and be done with the unhappy illusion of separation.

The eye of the needle is yours to traverse.
~Magdi Badawy

Awakening is major breakthrough

The Premise is Awakening
When you reach a major breakthrough and you say things like “So THIS is what that was all about! – It really IS true!” …. (you’d better prepare for this one:) It was actually WORTH IT after all!”, you’ll hear yourself saying that there is no price at all that you wouldn’t have paid to be where you are!
You’ll have no desire to correct anybody, but to just love them. You’ll see spiritual perfection everywhere and in the not-too-distant future you’ll just know that everything already is exactly as God is.

A healing epiphany: IT never was

Had an epiphany this morning
Saw clearer perhaps than
Have ever seen before.
Don’t really want to come
down from it …
Actually the truth is I want to be
where I can help the most.

You must:
Desire to see spiritually
Want it more than all else
And the floodgates will open!
No intermediary steps
Not a moment to spare
Just God-as-you perfection
Loving everywhere!

What about …? What about …?
What about …? What about …?
What about …? What about …?
What about …? What about …?
Yes, I copy-and-pasted!
That’s what the mortal dream
Is all about!

It never happened. It never was.
Can you honestly think of something
– anything – that is greater than All?
Greater than ONE? Greater than Unity?
Greater than Love? Greater than God?

Spiritual universe of God, awareness

Paul concedes “I do not claim to have attained [all Truth]” We also can accept many things on faith, i.e., there’s neither a physical body nor a physical universe. Esoteric? Other-worldly? Incomprehensible? Not if you use a top-down approach and start with the answer. God is infinite and so is His entire creation, including you!
In spite of all that seems to be, we live in the spiritual universe of God with Christ as our consciousness.