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A Divine escape

From every threat man is heir to.
One country gobbling up another,
Acts of “Guess Who” in the sky,
Grossest mesmerism claiming all.

We … can … sneak … out …
And by “we” I mean ‘all’ universally.
And by “sneak” I mean ‘just leave.’
OUT OF the hypnotic choice-less
INTO the realm of God.

Pie in the sky? Wishful dreaming?
Do … not … bet … on … it .. !!
Easy way out? No, but worth it.
What’s gotten into me, you ask?
Same as you. God. Since forever.

Don’t run away yet – you’ll be back!
Let’s get super-serious:
Remember the man who healed
Everyone in sight? Yes, Jesus.
Raised the dead, walked on water?

Told us to do likewise and meant it.
Told us to do much more.
Became pure visible beam of Light.
Told us to do likewise and meant it.
Told us to do much more.

We don’t need even our pinky finger
To be bound to earthly matter base.
Go Quantum, Yes! By all means.
But don’t, for heaven’s sake
Miss the Spiritual import.

The Real Deal: It … is … all … God.
Quantum physics, all real physics,
Is the outpicturing of Consciousness
As is all so-called creation.
Self, One, God, I Am, Awareness.

It never happened!

When we’re talking about Spirit
we don’t need to be dragged down
to the infernal realm of the flesh-
always churning, turning, burning.
Never learning.

God is in the stillness
In the shining and the knowing.
In the laughing eyes of a little child,
squealing “Mommy, Mommy, the pain’s all gone!”

You see, the spiritual realm of God
knows no sorrow, pain or fear
Every atrocity, disease, even death
in Spirit never happened.
And the conscious awareness of
this most amazing spiritual fact
is what heals us!