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A dichotomy


I have such mixed feelings about mega-churches, mega-conferences and rock-star pastors & musicians. On the one hand thousands and thousands of young people are getting all excited about the Lord. They do what young people do, expressing themselves with love, awe, respect and few, if any, inhibitions! How great is that!
But the aspect of never making a real solid effort to get to know the true nature and essence of God and how to make a genuine contact with Him … this is almost criminal! Not knowing the actual kingdom of God and how to become more and more aware of its ever-presence … well, there’s no excuse for it!
What Would Robin Do? I’d treat the two factions quite the opposite. I’d tell the Mega people that if they care one iota about the God that they think they’re promoting, they must make a good strong confession over and over again loudly, even musically, that this party atmosphere is merely an introduction … and not the real essence … of God.
And I’d yell at the uptight book-writing intellectuals to get out and live the joy, passion and ecstacy of the most incredible Messiah the world has ever known. Yeah, that’s what I’d do.

God is Perfection

U.N. General Assembly prep

This is downright scary!
Sitting in Hammarskjold Park
Minding my own business
As I am wont to do (lol)
When I reached into my bag
To retrieve a container of coffee
No fewer than four
Count them … 4 !!!
Uniformed police officers
With finger on shotgun trigger
Four of them there are
Watching me …. just in case ….!
I wanna take a photo for you
But it might cost me
A night in jail :'(
(Could be fun….!)


Cheater is the deliverer

Enter a gambling place
The cards are dealt
Wagers are made
Sweat appears
Somebody is
G e t
The heck
Out of that
Nasty Place
Shake the dust
From off your feet
And say a prayer for
The guy who woke you
You remember The One
Known only as The Cheater!

Dr. Robin Starbuck

Black Lives Matter

(by Dr. Robin Starbuck)


What does this really mean?

May I start by telling you what it doesn’t mean?

It doesn’t imply, or mean, “Only” black lives matter …

No one has ever said such a thing!

It means that a very real prejudice

Having been around for a very, very long time

Even antedating biblical times

Has come of age

And is ripe for complete annihilation

– total healing – once and for all.

Further obfuscation is no longer acceptable.

No more innuendo

No more pretense

No more lies

Perfect healing and nothing less

It’s about time.

Imagine a sumptuous dinner being held

Everybody has partaken and is nearly full

Then someone enters who had been detained

Through no fault of his own

And announces, “I’m hungry.”

Should we preach to him?

Fight with him?

Ignore him or

Ridicule him?




Isn’t it time to just feed him?

A  - M  -  E  -  N
A – M – E – N

Nice, France, under attack

This is so sad –
France again –
And for what?
Senseless killing.
When will it ever end?
Where’s God in it all?

Please understand
This is not meant to
Trivialize the suffering
But only to help:
God is actually
In Spiritual reality
Here and in Nice, France

Nice, France, under attack
Nice, France, under attack

You are human after all.
You’ve had a lot of wrong thoughts.
You believed your body was better than his.
You wondered how she could justify wearing that.
Your education was better.
Your skin color too.
You beat out your elder sister.
Reminds me of an oversight on my income tax once.
It was a correctable error.
Left alone
It was a felony.

How can we know if we’re racist?

Derrick Day
Derrick Day
“Black Lives Matter” is not racist at all! It is the cry of disenfranchised people who perceive that their lives lack value. When we say “Black Lives Matter,” it does not mean other lives don’t — they absolutely do — just that our lives matter, TOO!

Apply a little empathy, here: imagine having to answer your children’s question, “Daddy, why do the police keep killing black people?”

This is my reality. Somehow, I have to bolster their faith in God, their trust in humanity, and their hope for a peaceful and prosperous life.

How would YOU deal with this?

Honestly, the lack of empathy among those who purport to be in the Body of Christ is saddening.

Lord, help us…

Derrick Day