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Breaking spell of hypnotism

Was just about to roll over and catch some Zzzźz’s when Papa nudged me and said to tell you this about the world-mind: it’s HYPNOTISM, pure and simple! Once you REALLY REALIZE this and want no part of it, grab ahold of an expression that will break the hypnotic spell each and every time you encounter it. Doing so becomes easier and easier with practice. For many, many years I’ve found “It Never Happened!” breaks the mesmeric hold and my mind is FREE AGAIN !!!

Hypnotism met with non-resistance

It always boggles my mind how quickly Spirit takes over and completes my good efforts. Father God wants me to learn of Him – just enough to know He exists and is ever-present within me. My awareness of Self gets firmed up big time and the dastardly hypnotism of the world is met with NON-resistance on my part. That’s right – you don’t need to bring out heavy artillery to combat an enemy that doesn’t hold any threat because it’s a mere figment of your imagination! Maintain your true identity in Christ and stand tall, knowing He’s here INSTEAD of any appearance to the contrary.