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Dealing with feelings

Are you having a helluva time reining in some unfortunate feelings you find yourself caught up in far too often?
Do you belittle your own sweet self for indulging yet again in stuff you’ve thoroughly dealt with many times?
Would you like to quit the whole kit ‘n caboodle and just be free … but can’t?
Well, I have wonderful, wonderful news for you!! Take a diametrically opposite approach. Here’s how:
You already love God with your whole heart, right? There’s precious little you wouldn’t do to be in His presence day and night, right?
How about this – next time those unwanted thoughts come a calling, look at them and say “Hey, I can even live with these unwanted thoughts for the rest of my life and still be happy – it’s a very small price to pay to be free! The “thoughts” come and hey they’re not so bad! They come again and they’re a little less bad. And again but not quite as often. In lay language, they no longer have a leg to stand on.
They’re actually interfering not one iota anymore because quite frankly you haven’t been resisting them. Don’t even start resisting the last vestiges of them now: don’t mock them or try to push them out. Just realize you’ve suddenly grown tremendously in stature and essence. God’s bounty of love has exploded on the inside of you and it’s getting all over everyone who comes into your eager consciousness.

Resist not evil

Forgiveness extraordinaire!

There’s precious
Gold to be found
When we stop desiring
Something from somebody.
As long as we want/need
Something from somebody,
We can’t truly love them.
We only set people up for failure
When we judge and blame.
Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, I need
Absolutely nothing – you’ve
Given me all there was to give.
NOW … for the first time …
I really -r-e-a-l-l-y- REALLY
Love you. <3

No hurtful memory to forget

Still agonizing over a long-term
Hurt that won’t recede?
I – JUST NOW – had
A miraculous breakthrough!
I was trying to give one over to God –
A former treatment method – and
I couldn’t treat it from
The standpoint of being
A separate entity from God.
Him as me, now I see
I don’t have a devastating
Hurtful memory to forget.

Heal the past – Four posts

Dealing with bad memories

Robin I actually believe in this process too. Because in God’s dimension there is Infinite Space and no time continuum as we know it, the past doesn’t have a separation from the present, therefore we can speak to things of the past and actually change our present and our future because we’ve adjusted our past. It sounds a little crazy and a little strange but it’s really what therapist have been doing for years on an emotional level – helping people to reconcile their inner wounded child, Etc. I am saying that God in his Supernatural qualities, and those qualities within us, qualities that are bigger than time and space, can actually adjust any situations of the past that were meant to hurt us so as to transform our present reality by nullifying the negative effects of the past
~Mary Christian

“Time-dwellers,” find it extremely difficult to trust again because the PAST is always with them to revisit and relive the infraction that occurred in the PAST. In my humble estimation, only one who is FREE of the PAST can restore TRUST because, in effect, he NEVER lost it. The infraction is in the PAST and the PAST doesn’t exist. FORGIVENESS allows one to see the PAST isn’t there. It, therefore, is an ILLUSION, itself, NOT really being needed to see that there is no PAST there to FORGIVE.
~Albert Joseph Jefferson

This is what I have known to be true in my life. Regardless of past mistakes that may have “seemed” to follow me into my present, they have not. We are literally new creations, moment by moment. It is when we lose track of this truth, that we get stuck in a state that attempts to hold onto us. Our imaginations need only to look forward, and to CREATE forward. Looking back to our past mistakes is only giving life to those past mistakes, and in turn, those mistakes will continue to manifest. YOU ARE LITERALLY A NEW CREATION, YOU NEVER MADE THAT MISTAKE! Selah………….
~Brian Lawrence

When considering a question regarding trust, forgiveness, etc., we are often viewing life through the natural mind. We remain bound by time (past/future) and a belief that we and others are separate selves. This is a standard subject/object paradigm. What this means, is we haven’t yet awakened to our true Nature. In truth, what we call God is all there is. There is no real time, as all eternity is found in the present moment. Trust, forgiveness, judging others, all vanishes as we realize that we are LOVE Itself. Everything is seen through our awareness as Spirit, everything is included without any effort. In scripture, this is Jesus’ reference to LIFE flowing from us like rivers of living water.
~Frank Johnson

You and God

Isn’t there in your life that one person

Who you just can’t quite

Find your way to

Totally forgive?

You make every effort conceivable

And then BOOM !!

He’s back again!

You’ve tried everything . . .

Well, just stop trying.

That’s right, GIVE UP !!

Let it all go, and realize

It’s you and God, God and you –

That’s all that matters.

Nothing “out there” matters

One iota,

Nothing has the presence or power

To drive a wedge between

You … and God.

Why? – you may ask.

Because You’re ONE.

Forgiveness expanded

JUST SO YOU KNOW: When Jesus said from the cross “Father forgive them” it was not an opportunity to bow your heads, sing one more verse, pray a prayer and accept an INVITATION. “Father forgive them” was a unilateral DECLARATION from the Father through the Son in the Spirit of total forgiveness that reached back to the beginning of time and looked forward to all men who would ever live.
Don Keathley

Here’s that TEST !!

DO YOU HAVE A QUICK TEST that you can apply anytime, anyplace, anywhere, which will reveal to you your present measure of connectedness in the Holy Spirit?

It is the most useful thing that you could possibly sport because you really need to know this statistic in order to function adequately. What good is having the Holy Spirit if He is not fully open to you at any given moment?

Tell me you’re not one of those flippers that go back and forth, in and out, a moment here, a moment there. Tell me you’re not satisfied selling yourself so short. Yes, He’s in you – Hallelujah – what now? A visit from time to time?

There is an instantaneously accessible litmus test that will break through all the ambiguity, uncertainty, doubt and fear: How Do I Know That I Am Fully IN The Spirit?

Answer: Make a list of all the people that you are unable to love unconditionally just as much as you love Jesus. When the tally reaches zero, congratulations, you’re there!

Think deeply on this one – it’s more important than meets the eye.

God did not need our permission in order to forgive us! Forgiveness comes from love and God is Love, so the fact is, God does not have to decide to forgive us. If He had to decide to forgive then the possibility to not forgive arises. The thought to forgive or not to forgive never entered God’s mind because He is forgiveness! It’s His very nature! To ask God to forgive us with these things in mind is to insult God, and no one would do this on purpose, but only out of ignorance, and God has forgiven that also!
Tim Heart

Forgive and be forgiven – no change needed


1. Forgiveness means tearing up a debt. It means you abandon any expectation of change or restitution from the offender.

2. Yes, it’s difficult. The more severe the offense against you, the harder it is.

3. Forgiveness can be unilateral. You can forgive someone even though they never seek it or change.

4. Forgiving someone may never change them. Be content if it at least changes you.

5. A gospel world-view is essential. Knowing the Father fully forgives you is the divine motivation for you to forgive others.

6. Forgiveness is healing. To go a step further and seek the restoration and encouragement of the offender is liberating!

7. The Christian church is intended to be a community of believers who breathe the air of forgiveness and cause forgiveness to flourish in their midst.

Timothy King

Timothy King